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  • altaga47 altaga47 Oct 26, 2012 11:11 AM Flag

    mickeyRATjr and his shorty cohorts are trapped...

    they will be crying for life come next week...

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    • it is not going to be pretty..

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      • I like my business, and time is my friend.

        Get out of your backyard, watch what is happening around you. Unlike you, I don`t need invent low-level strategies, or attempt to control the bid / ask levels. I`m not obligated to buy or sell by the end of the month!

        You, your rats are stealing the humble innocent.

        If Kandi was a speculative company would be much more active in their press releases, had combined results allied to their greed. But you don`t see anything about it, you see a Chinese company traditionally ruled by communists. China is not playing, is investing seriously in clean energy.

        They are not with a debt of 1 trillion. They're investing in foreign public debt and European companies super cheap.

        I give you 4 reasons for the need to create this new era in China:
        Reduce pollution / diseases;
        Create quality of life;
        Eliminate dependence on foreign oil;
        Create even more financial wealth.

        For this, there is a massive investment from the Chinese government, in which the EV `s are included. This you can not deny.

        Now Kandi produces what? Radios? No, electric cars ...
        Imagine what this could generate!

        Do you think Apple has always been the IPhone or Ipad? I'm not greedy, just see here a rare opportunity to leverage my money to stupid levels.

        You can keep talking to yourself because I never learned anything with you. I don`t need your opinions.

      • You are at the end of your tricks. You greedy idiots...

    • Last week you said you were buying so how much did you buy?
      What is all this good news we will see?
      Maybe Corst rat or perry or tom arrested could that be it?

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