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  • dirksizzlebod dirksizzlebod Feb 3, 2013 8:47 AM Flag


    LPH was just exposed on Chinese national TV. Who exposed them? GEO. Who did GEO write an article on BEFORE, Longwei? Kandi.

    The people who populate this board are some of the most moronic people I've ever encountered. And that's saying something. You all are going to be left holding worthless paper very soon. I bet most people here haven't even read any of the material associated with Kandi. Well, you know what? I know everything there is to know about this company and the only thing they were interested in was running the share price up and selling, which they've already done. There's no purpose to this company anymore. All of the other Chinese RTO's have been found out. Porcari and other just need to keep up the lie so that he will have a legal defense when this thing blows up.

    Disclosure: I am actively buying puts on Kandi. If you write puts on Kandi, you are stupid. You are exposing yourself to 400%, 500% losses if Kandi falls back to the $2 level or below. I am going to keep buying Kandi puts every quarter until this stock sinks. I do not see how this company survives much longer. It has already become clear even to the bulls that Kandi isn't producing anything. One day, I'm going to wake up, and someone is going to owe me A LOT of money. :)

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    • Good try. Dirk, I think your bod is going to sizzle when this breaks $6.00. One day, when you wake up, you are going to owe a LOT of money.

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    • How those "puts" treating you today? You sound pretty desperate. Don't worry you will have plenty of put sellers letting you average your losses well into the double digits. That is of course assuming you have any cash left to keep buying.

      Re. GEO. Each time I hear them mentioned, I get a chuckle remembering their last comment to their followers on Harbin Electric, a China stock they accused of Fraud in the upper teens, which took that stock down to the $7 range a year or so ago. HRBN was subsequently bought out at $24 a share cash.. (They never did accuse KNDI of fraud or even any illegal activities in their KNDI articles) .

      It wasn't the fact they were wrong on Harbin and torched a lot of their short selling followers, it was a fact that after that deal closed and the shareholders were each a paid their $24 a share, GEO actually tried to tell their followers that "just the fact that they were allowed to get 'bought' out proves that not only was Harbin a Fraud, but everyone in China from the Government on down was a fraud." or words to that effect.


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      • LOL

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      • The great Corstrat surfaces, only after yet another BS press release from Kandi that is just more hot air and confirms nothing other than that they are committed to continue their charade of stringing investors along.

        Corstrat, I know you are already prepared for this to crash. Just hope that none of your current friends get too upset at you when all of their life savings blow up and you are the person that they blame for their foolishness.

        And I have PLENTY of cash left! Don't worry. Write some September puts! I'll buy more. The lifespan of this company is less than 2 years before delisting. Period.

        Corstrat, I find you to be a disgusting human being. The #$%$ of the earth. Your little censored private forum is a joke for your brainwashed stupid investors. Go back to your little cronies and keep feeding them BS.

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    • Run away CLOWN. You offer nothing more than baseless and specious opinion. :)... You and your clown sidekicks have no one to blame but yourselves for becoming the laughingstock on this forum. BTW, your makeup could use some touch up work (tears of a clown),....

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    • "One day, I'm going to wake up"...........For your sake, and ours, I hope you wake up soon.

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