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  • altaga47 altaga47 Feb 10, 2013 9:25 PM Flag

    I would be disappointed if KNDI does not pass $5.00 by March....

    Count on it....

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    • The share price is a simple exercise in mathematics. It's the value of the company divided by the number of shares outstanding. They have just increased the number of shares by 334,000 but they have done nothing to increase the value of the company, so the natural progression if for the share price to fall below what it was prior to the warrants being exercised. False and misleading press releases only have a short-term effect.

    • altaga, what would drive KNDI higher by March? The street continues to be unimpressed by announcements of great ideas and joint ventures. We need KNDI automobiles on the street and profits in the bank. 4th quarter and full year results will not be reported until end of March, and there is nothing to make us think those numbers will be enough to take us to $5. With a trailing p/e of 38 it will take more than another daydream inspiring announcement to take us higher.

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      • henleywm, I think you are correct. I strongly suspect KNDI will indeed trade above $5 per share... in fact, way above $5 per share. It just won't do so on News unaccompanied by increased sales volume and profits. On the other hand, the News on KNDI is terrific and anyone who ignores the developments for KNDI is ignoring a great buy in opportunity.... not daydreams. The Geely announcement was just the icing on the cake for me as a long time "Long" investor in KNDI. Sure, I am discouraged that KNDI has not broken out of its trading trend into a significant uptrend, but all of the pieces of the puzzle are in place. The catalyst is the only thing missing and your observations are, in my opinion, spot on: there must be a significant reported increase in volume of sales in order to light the fuse on what should be a very significant uptrend in PPS. The late March 4th Q report may be the trigger... then again it may take another quarter to light this candle, but light it will do... sometime during 2013. Like many others that are aware of all the positive pieces to this puzzle I am anticipating ignition. There is much wisdom for knolwedgable investors in the old adage: "A watched pot never boils". I think that most of the Longs are guilty of watching too closely for the boiling point. On the other hand, if you knew what we know about KNDI.... would you then blame us? Then again, you don't know or maybe it is that you just neglect or reject all the information out there about the positive moves by the CEO of KNDI to structure a paradigm shift in domestic transportation policy in China. Only Time will tell. I plan on staying Long. Thanks for your input, henleywm.

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      • Your day trading mentality is obvious and specious to value. Trade away fellow:)...Yur limited vision is shortsighted

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