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  • nandinazap nandinazap Aug 15, 2013 5:26 PM Flag


    In 25 years of investing, I have never seen a stock which has been so dominated by shorts. I have been preaching that they almost always win whenever they get involved, but this is a grand slam for them. I am long and have never been short this stock or any for that matter, but I will at least admit when I am losing. You cheerleaders need to get a grip on reality. Unless you have bought significantly lower---you are losing too. Fool yourselves till you are blue in the face, but the shorts will continue to prove you wrong as they have done and you have denied all along. What is the purpose of this post? Don't buy any more stock! You will be taken out to the woodshed. Let them take it down to the mid to high 3's then buy. Some guy on the private board said it would never go below 5. Not a clue. The private board is in shock. It is MUM. Few, if any believed it would ever go this low again. Wrong. And you can't post a message which hints frustration because the cheerleaders over there will prevent it from being posted. LISTEN!! THE SHORT IS IN CONTROL. Let them go lower and then buy. How low? Under 4. Bank on it. They will take it that low because they can. They have surprised us before, but don't let them surprise you again. Understand this: It does not matter how much good news comes out because they can stop the upward movement. They have and will. They will begin covering slowly and methodically, almost not noticably. Rally up...short more...take it lower...cover some...repeat. Over and over again. There will not be a "buy-in" or a short covering spike/rally. They have already made money and will not exit this trade without profitting. The best research in the world is pretty much useless when billion dollar hedge funds decide to control a stock and work it lower to protect their investment.

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    • True. Stock market is only for the rich. You can't stay long like that can, and you can't get in fast enough to go short like they can. And when you find a good company, that stock will fall 10-20% until you bail,at which point it'll rebound.

    • What's become obvious is that several of the folks on this board (and most likely on the private board) are the same person. This person is one of the very few who will make money on KNDI in the long run, and they make money by pumping. They are not long... they are extracting money from those who are.

    • I have to totally agree with you.The shorts are fully in control and they have GOOD reason to be. The only thing that could stop them is preventive measures by the company. Give a 2:1 stock incentive to discourage the shorts and make a statement to the longs that they are serious. Posting #$%$ earnings and having secret deals behind closed doors which only benefits a few but dilutes the longs DOES NOTHING BUT ENCOURAGE THE SHORTS. This last earnings was like putting the last nail in the coffin.... How can they be so STUPID as to come up so far short on earnings? There is absolutely NO excuse for their incompetence !!!! Did they have a conference call and talk about next quarters earnings? NOOOOOOOO they DIDN'T ,,,, so now we have to wait out another 4-5 months for their NEXT earnings.... DOESN'T MATTER ONE BIT WHAT KIND OF FLUFF PR'S COME OUT BETWEEN NOW AND THEN... THEY BLEW IT AND SHORTS KNOW IT.....

    • You're just trying to get in cheap and are another basher, short loser.

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    • You're an idiot. The whole market was down today. All stocks go up and down. Shorts do not control this stock or any others. If you're a daytrader than you are losing here. If you are an investor = long and strong in the answer. If you think KNDI will not be like TSLA and a $4 stock you are mistaken - in my opinion. As always do your own DD and only invest money you can afford to lose - that goes with any stock. I buying more on the dips. See ya at $8's again.

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