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  • yngwie_malmsteen32 yngwie_malmsteen32 Aug 11, 2014 7:47 AM Flag

    big oil plunging in price...

    just a foretelling of things to come. This year, more electric cars. Toyota and Honda next month start delivering mass produced hydrogen fuel cell cars. Big oil is dying. Thank God. Go buy a Leaf or a Tesla or a Volt. Screw big oil... just like they have been doing to us for decades.

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    • I'm not going to totally bash a technology that has allowed me to fly around the world, drive my car wherever I want, mow my lawn, own anything made of plastic, etc. I'm thankful I don't live 150 years ago. Thank you didn't screw me or anyone else. But.....yes, I am looking forward to the next generations of power whether it be electric, hydrogen, solar, etc. Changing of an era...

    • another idiot. How has big oil been screwing you? When you want to go somewhere, isn't there always a gas station, and don't they always have gas? When you want to fly somewhere, do the airlines ever say they are out of jet fuel?

      Since 1970, gas has gone up by a factor of 10x. If our govt had grown as fast, it would be 1/2 the size it is now.

      So who is screwing you, big oil or big govt??

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      • gas should be a dollar a gallon. Period. Big oil deserves to die. LOLROFL Down ten dollars a barrel now from near term high. LMAO dancing on your grave!
        Big oil IS the reason for the economic crisis in this country. Govt is bigger under republicans. Every cent of our national debt is attributable to Ronnie Reagan, George Bushes, and their stooges in Congress. The only good republican is a dead republican.

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