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  • ejherm3 ejherm3 Nov 11, 2007 12:44 AM Flag

    BHP bid

    I'm new to this stock. Just read about the rejected BHP bid. If it was accepted would every RIO shareholder receive some BHP stock? I trade online through Ameritrade and optionsxpress and have never received a stock certificate. Is anyone familiar on how an offer like this would work when trading online with discount brokers?

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    • Here is what you do. Go to the help section and READ!!!geez where do these idiots come from.

    • ejherm, as mentioned by other repliers don't confuse RIO with RTP.
      Now if your interested in RIO, IBD Monday Special has a small write up on RIO page B12 left hand column. RIO has been pretty steady, of course its' had its' ups and downs. All and all its' been moving up ever so slightly consider all this sub prime slime smear.
      However, this is not why I'm repling. I'm more interested in the option market. Ive tried to read up on it and formulate a strategy in my own mines eye. Would like to try something like this in the furure, but more interested in advise at the moment. One question comes to mind...if there are heavy calls for a stock, lets say 3 months out, can I use this as an indicator that this stock may be worth investing in now for long term.


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      • THOR....heavy Call volume cannot really tell you anything because the volume records the buying AND selling of the Call. If it just measured the Call buying you probably could use it as an indicator. But, the high volume may also be people Selling Calls which is a Bearish strategy.

        I have heard analysts on CNBC talk about "heavy Call buying" in a stock. I am unsure how they get that info. I can't see it broken down on my trading screen. Perhaps there is a way. Bottom not take high volume in a Call option as indicative of where the underlying stock will go. I advise you to read more about Options and perhaps even pay for some education before going into the Options Market. One good source of free Option education is Good luck.

    • BHP is NOT bidding on CVRD (RIO). Their bidding for Rio Tinto (RTP)...

    • Nov 11, 2007 1:16 AM Flag

      You confuse Rio-Tinto W/CVRD Tckr RIO..............

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