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  • mickeychasetan mickeychasetan Aug 29, 2004 12:44 PM Flag

    Yes, you are a novice........any near

    term chart would provide you information that VICL has made a short term tradable bottom & should move up to test its 50&200 DMA. As far as your 3 year chart(who cares?). Any additional fundy news could seen this far outside of its current trading bands.



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    • Charts and technicals -- really seem beside the point with vicl. True chratists would have sold on the technical breakdown. Do these charts work? The old time traders (esp commodity guys) I know swear by them. Anyone who read Random Walk or followed academic work on charts knows they are not reliable. Either way, something is up at VICL -- volume, coverage (Barrons for example), and accumulation by institutions are positive. The "stupid" money has been selling for months (traders included) -- the smart money (ML/Federated/Dimensional/March PP) must recognize the long term value. Sure, we can go down again. Sure, we can see traders sell if the stock pops up a buck. This is noise IMO-- the real story will be what does VICL look like in 2 or 5 years, or even 10 years. Even critics like GT must realize that in 5 to 10 years vaccine based therapies will be at the forefront of a new approach to combating disease. Will Vicl be around? If it is -- the possibilities are endless.

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      • valueman36 says long term it's a buy and offers fundamental reasons why and I agree, that's why I'm still holding shares long term, probably for 5 years +. Short term Mickey says it's an obvious buy (he must be an expert since he can tell I'm a novice) but doesn't offer anything to support that position. Mickey, I've looked at 3 month chart, hell I've looked at a two week chart, there is nothing technically bullish about the price pattern. One day's data (Friday) does not count as a technical pattern fella.

        I guess the Barron's anti-terror remarks puts VICL in the spot light again. How long does that trade continue? I would prefer a news release indicating incredible science is at work.


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