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  • qwestisthebest qwestisthebest Jun 2, 2007 9:38 AM Flag

    Sat. News

    Would the price go up on Mon.?

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    • knowwhen2holdemknowwhen2foldem knowwhen2holdemknowwhen2foldem Jun 3, 2007 7:53 PM Flag

      Thanks for the info.

      Jan 2015 is 7.5 years away. That doesn't seem so long to me, particularly because of the rate Vical is obtaining approvals.

    • Vical was first to demonstrate and patent that DNA and RNA could transfect a living cell in vivo without the need of a viral vector. They did this with plasmids but their patents applied to any polynucleotide and they were the first to patent the concept of using these transfections to mimic an infection by a pathogen so as to create an immune response. The fact that 'linear expression cassette' DNA can transfect a living cell in vivo and act as a potent vaccine is mindboggling because PCR is such a simple and economical process to produce desired DNA. I'm putting today up with the Challenger disaster and 9/11 as a day I'll never forget!

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      • Although they're promoting this rapid response technology as a solution to a pandemic or a terrorist attack I can see a more likely scenario with the seasonal flu shot.
        Every year the U.S.'s Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research's Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meets in February to vote on which 3 antigens to use in its trivalent vaccine for the NEXT flu season. They have guessed wrong before about which strain will predominate almost a year later, and they likely will again. Even when they guess right, the annual flu kills an estimated 36,000 people in the United States each year. It would be much worse the next time they guess wrong.
        But now through the use of Vical's newest technology they will be able to produce a plentiful supply of an effective vaccine within a few weeks of a new strain's identification. This is a major story and I'm surprised the major news media hasn't picked up on it yet.

      • Here's a patent application for linear expression cassette transfection. Their description relies a lot on naked DNA plasmid experiences. My guess is that Vical would oppose this application.

      • ....marks an "inflection point" for Vical. IMHO we will see a steep climb in action for the rest of this month with some big MM interest pushing shares up 20%+ in the next 45 days.

        And to think there are other PR events coming up this month with some prominent industy players in the audience and on the same agenda with Vijay.

        IMO Vical's Platform will make headlines in science and business journals with this news. And we all know that rising tides (on WallStreet) tend to lift all boats.

        IMO we could even see Vical at 6 in a week and 7+ by July. With positive PR in Singapore and positive A7 news by Fall we could see 10 by the Holidays.

        I'm hoping this news and other PR finally helps Vical break out of the 4-6 trading channel it's been stuck in for 3+ years.
        Good luck longs.

      • According to Vijay Vical will continue with whatever is already in the pipeline but from this point on plasmids are history for all new projects. Holy Cow!!!

        "We remain excited by the potential of our plasmid DNA vaccines, and we
        will continue development of these programs because the technology is much
        closer to commercial realization in humans. But for eventual deployment
        against future emerging diseases, the RapidResponse(TM) DNA vaccine
        platform appears to offer significant potential advantages over plasmid DNA
        vaccines, and vast improvements compared with other current vaccine
        approaches," Mr. Samant said.

    • Have been a long time shareholder of these security. This is the type of explosive news that could excelerate Vicl's share price! This will put us on the radar screen Monday morning. With all of the news about bird flu and infectious deseaes in the news, Vicl has developed a platform that will excelerate its DNA development. The goverment should be all over this and reward Vicl with a huge contract! Also great timing on this news, its about time we see the P.R dept in action!

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      • Big pharma is going to be all over this. The buyout potential of this company just accelerated 10 fold! Several comapanies are looking at small bio's to add to there line up! Vicl is now ripe for the picking! With all of there trials going on, this is the icing on the cake! With all of the movement DNDN has had with there prostate cancer drug, one trick pony, Vicl has several block buster potential drugs that would be ideal for a large pharma to scoop up!

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