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  • jxkchicago jxkchicago Jun 23, 2011 2:58 PM Flag

    Move over to a Winner

    Nothing against vicl, but one should consider isis before their drug mipo receives approval soon.

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    • chipper: "As for you, come across as schizophrenic..."

      "kenneth" is not schizo...he is a fictitious fraud (aka outinfront). the drivel from "kenneth" is hilarious, so dude, please keep posting. everyone who responds seriously can choose how they wish to waste their time. the scottish gig is over the scottish genes can only laugh at the farcical libel.

    • Looks like the Isis bashers have gravitated here from the isis board. Why do these vical longs bash Isis every hour of every day. What has isis done to you? Did management fool you? Did you lose money? Are you unable to move on?
      Please post the link that shows the FDA statement that they "seriious side effect problem".

    • "You are a bunch of paranoid people..
      Is everybody going to call me a moron etc, because i am not completely sold on this. Probably!!! but hey i am realistic.. You lot are living a pipe dream of making Millions on this stock!! I hope you do and i do, but dont shoot down a guy who thinks different from all you."

      I don't believe paranoid is the word you're looking for to describe people who are excited about a stock they own. Choose from the following:

      1) Optimistic
      2) Enthusiastic
      3) Unrealistic

      Paranoia describes an unrealistic fear of something. (Well, actually, many stock owners could be described as paranoid, particularly after having events such as the Flash Crash wipe you out in a second). So VICL shareholders as paranoid? Nope. The stock isn't high enough to have a large amount of fear of it going down. Wait till it gets to above $20, then you can start feeling paranoid about it keeping above that level.

      But, in short, very few people here are blind to the realities of owning a biotech stock. You only see a small percent of those who read this board, as most choose not to post. Yes, a few mercilessly pump the stock, but do not tar everybody with the same paintbrush.

      As for you, come across as schizophrenic (I want to own it, I probably shouldn't own this, I believe in it, I don't believe in it, I'll probably lose my money, I'll make a lot of money! and so on). You should try and develop a THESIS for owning this stock and stick with it.

    • The FDA found a serious side effect problem. Why did the ceo leave that part out? Watch out for tricky websites. There are biotechs that sell in the high teens with next to nothing in substance. This company sells under $9 for a good reason.

    • Actually Mipomerson is extremely safe drug, the ceo just said so and explained why at the annual shareholder meeting. The most common side effect were injection site reaction and flu like symptoms. It on the company website, enjoy.

    • isis bad side effects you left out, why?

    • That is true, but Iisis and it's partner Sanofi Aventis/Genzyme have completed 4 phase III trials of mipomersen and each trial produced robust and statistically significant data. EU filing is next month and US in 2nd half.

    • The guys an out patient.

    • you come here only to retalilate for some vicl longs posting on isis board?

    • Like I said, I am not against vicl, I hope it make it. I have people from vicl posting nonsense on isis board.

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