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  • captainblud captainblud Nov 11, 2011 8:54 AM Flag

    Vical's dog cancer vaccine

    This is a link to an article about Vical's dog melanoma vaccine.

    Is this the same drug as their a-7? If so, it appears to work very well in dogs and will probably do the same in humans. Staying long and strong.

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    • Thanks Chipper, but it's not me. At least not this time, but it could be any one of us at any time.

      A coworker was just diagnosed with prostate cancer, and that's about all I know at the moment. He's an older gentleman, but he's pretty tough, and always has a positive attitude. Smiles all the time, and likes to laugh and joke, which is a good thing.

      My heart goes out to anyone with an illness, but especially when it's someone I know. I think most on this board feel the same way.

      Let's get a cure and let's get it soon.


    • Chris,
      If this 'one more person' was you (to acquire cancer), then my sincere condolences and best wishes for a successful recovery. If you are thinking that A-7 can help with this new cancer diagnosis, I sure hope that the FDA gets around to approving the drug ASAP.

    • OK Shabby, I'll take the bait. What holdings are you playing out first. February does preceed mid 2012 for the VICL pay off. Don't worry. It won't be considered pumping, since I asked. TIA

    • 300K shares, like Chipper enhanced w/ naked puts.

    • I envy your 7k. I plan on adding more once some other holdings pay off though.

      Unfortunately, a lot of things are supposed to happen in Feb for all my big holdings, so I will have to time this right...

    • I didn't want to have to embarass you guys like this but...

      I've got 3k shares. Ya, I know, watch out now!

      If the pps jumps like we all expect it to you guys can all retire millionaires and I'll just pay off the last of my student loans and be almost as happy.


    • It's only a huge bet if his net worth is like mine. I'm betting it's not. I love buying biotech, yes, financial gain is important. Yes, telling your friends you've owned the miraculous break through cancer vacine stock for years that was reported on CNN cool for bragging rights. However, saving man and man's best friend is invaluable. GL!!

    • Vical's worth $5 to $6 on a take-out after an A-7 failure. I will not go to Vegas or spend a buck on a lottery ticket though !

    • I have a ton of shares and don't worry much. I used to have much more in so called blue chips. They got whacked in every downturn and I realized big companies are very dependent on the economic climate and they're hard to discover ahead of the market.

      Risky Vical meanwhile has a market cap under $300 million and a very clear path to at least $50 mill in reoccurring annual revenue. I think transplants are actually going to rise and it would be unthinkable to do one without the best rejection vaccine.

      Given a conservative multiple on revenue, Vical is a $500 mill market cap the market is not seeing. The efficacy of treatment on the most imunocomprimised patients also makes a statement that extends across the entire portfolio that is not currently in the stock.

      I have put more money on Vical because it's asymetric to the market and the economy. Just as in the Great Depression science was on a march and many new innovations took hold, bio-medicine is actually more of a sure thing than a U.S. Treasury bill. Remember, we currently borrow 40% of our annual budget and have the ability to repudiate obligations like Social Security at will.

    • That is how I first heard of VICL. I was telling the local vet that I was being treated for advanced melanoma. He told me that for animals there was a new drug that was performing miracles and suggested that I find out if the drug was being used in humans. In my research I found that VICL made Oncept and was working on A7, a different drug but very similar in concept, for humans. The more research I did, the more it appears that A7 could be the best treatment for melanoma in humans. Then I learned about the rest of the VICL's deep pipeline for other diseases and now have became one of its largest investors.

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