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  • davecarmen48 davecarmen48 Dec 27, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

    Getting smoked......

    By Congress......Where is Ross Perot when we need him.....
    7% drop for no reason AT ALL.......

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    • To be honest, I don't know how the market performed as well as it did in 2012. Based on what?? I'll take it, but still don't understand it.

    • It is difficult to believe that the congress of the USA is nothing more than a bunch of grade school kids having a staring contest on the playground.
      This is, without question, the most irresponsible bunch of idiots that have been in office in my lifetime, (73years), including the number one dunce, Obama.
      How, in the name of Elvis, did these guys get elected, and now, re-elected?
      Numbnuts clowns.

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      • Ultimately we, the voters, are responsible for the fiasco we have observed. They all feel they have the "mandate" being elected to the office, thus do whatever they like in the name of carrying out their voters' wish. None of these elected officials are statesmen looking out for the long term good for the nation, but their next election. Very sad to see we no longer have leaders, but followers of their narrow-minded "voters" putting them in offices!

      • The "People" elected them. What's ironic is that the Tea Party clowns will be some of those hurt most if we jump over the "fiscal cliff". If truth be told, which it seldom is, the long term fiscal health of this nation would be best served if we went over the cliff and stayed there. Unfortunately, some of the poorest would be hurt while the fat cats would prosper.

      • Future generations are the only ones "getting smoked." Today's spending, deficits & debt will have to be repaid in the future. Today's voters support politicians that will promise to dole out massive entitlements to everyone forever. The beneficaries will be long dead when the big bills come due, and the politicians that created the entitlement state will be long gone too. Any actuaries out there care to give us an estimate of how much all this will cost? Is it solvent given our demographics?

        For a nice essay on how fertility rates will affect entitlements, Google this: "Will Aging Childless Voters Enslave My Future Grandchildren?" A growing number of retired old folks will be relying on fewer younger taxpaying workers to pay for their benefits. It's called a "pay as you go" system, but what we really have here is a massive entitlement ponzi scheme. Baby Boomer beneficiaries of massive unaffordable entitlements take wealth away from future generations. The suckers "getting smoked" are kids that don't vote, can't vote, or aren't yet born. Tough luck.

      • I hope I'm not senile when I'm 73.

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    • Stil has more time. It will recover.

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