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  • charles_lacy2003 charles_lacy2003 Mar 15, 2013 4:29 PM Flag

    like i said time and time again , just plain garbage


    why doesnt vj just get the results out there. im sick and tired of the way this biotech performs

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    • HIBB beat estimates. $$$$$$&

    • You're sick and tired of a YTD 38% gain (i.e 10 weeks)? Or are you sick and tired of the 25% gain in the last ten days? Which performance are you more sick and tired of charles? Seeing as you're so predictable I'll just assume that you're going to say you're sick of tired that the stock is down 19% from the highest price in 2012 (where you'll claim to have bought it at), or is it that it's down 22% from the highest price of 2011? It certainly can't be from 2010 as today's price is higher than any price in that year. Or are you finally admitting that you're trying your darndest to short it and are sick and tired of VICL not going down as low as you want it to.

      So just to recap it's up over 50% from the lowest price last year (and down 19% from the highest), it's up 130% from the lowest price in 2011 (and down 22% from the highest price that year), it's up 105% from the lowest point of 2010 (and down... oh wait it's actually higher than any price that year). Dare I mention that the lowest price last year was 40% higher than the lowest price the year before. But carry on being sick and tired that the stock is currently down 6% from it's highest price of the year, while being up 38% from the start of the year.

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