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  • So you let the short "pile On" 2mm more shares then you "enlighten" us. A-7 was given to "healthy cancer patients". Thats your Bear Call. I mean you are a joke. So VJ knew how the Cancer would develope. Your comments disgust me. So now AF has discovered a new Cancer. "healthy" cancer. SICK. Just sick. AF your a Call Girl.nothing more. The Board Certified Oncologist from Hopkins who like what they see are posting your comments above the Water Cooler. Strickly for entertainment. Jim Cramer's face is Posted on the same screen as an opinion from his employee who's expertice is TRYING to SELL real estate. Now Cramer lets him predict the Outcome of a medication that potentially Millions of Families will depend on. Your a PIMP and a sick puppy Cramer. AF. We'll close up today. Everyone is on to your game. Go get your bag of money from the short. Buy some ICE, its going to be hot where your going. Do something with your life.

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    • Adam's contention that there is no buzz about A-7 is a media only finding. The presentation schedule at major, invitational, investment events has been steady. Moreover, the latest quarterly filing on institutional investors shows Fidelity back above 7 million shares, as is Federated. There is a steady addition of cheap shares by very smart money and Adam, following his past position on Vical rather than the market cap rule he established, writes a story like a useful idiot that will scare small holders out and let the bigs get more cheap. The onesidedness of the argument makes it clear Adam isn't presenting the full picture on Vical. Imagine the difference in perception if Adam takes the angle that cancer immunotherapy is exploding onto the public radar screen and Allovectin 7 is the little known opportunity that institutions are piling into because it will be the starter therapy in this process. What if the angle stressed is new cancer therapies are so extensive they will have to compete on price, there is one therapy about to hit the market that is already manufactured and sold profitably in the companion animal market. Moreover, imagine the story noted that this new therapy is the first cancer immunotherapy product ever approved for ANY species.

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      • John, AF is little putz...

        But he is correct about the lack of "buzz" surrounding A-7.

        A-7 is one of the best well kept secrets on Wall st.

        There are a number of reasons for the lack of "buzz", but I would NOT let it concern you.

        AGAIN, I highly suggest buying back Sept/Dec call options, while you can.

      • In the last quarter Federated added 2,308,402 shares. Fidelity added 1,206,288. Ariel added 1,108,610. Wexford initiated with 532,554 shares and Blackrock added 238,670 shares. Federated and Fidelity both have over 7 million shares while Blackrock and Ariel are each in big, as is T Rowe Price, which kept their large position, same for Litespeed Management, a high performance small hedge fund.
        Adam's great advice for small investors, despite Vical's meeting the market cap indicator Adam normally cites, will scare them out just as the big guys are looking for more cheap shares.

      • Like I said before, I listened to this shill and lost thousnds by selling ARNA based on his "prediction" that it would fail. Now, I do the opposite of whatever this short basher "predicts"!

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