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  • vaxfactory vaxfactory May 18, 2013 1:06 AM Flag

    Follow the Science

    This is what the experts said at the Milken Conference when it comes to cancer immunotherapy. Did AF talk at all about systemic response of chemo naive patients with metatastic melanoma. NO. Just look at who responded in Allovectin's Phase 2 trial and Vical's logic for setting with the FDA proper end points makes sense. And what about approval of Oncept--based on Vical plasmid technology for melanoma in large mammals (ie dogs) whereby median survival could NOT be established after the drug trial....because the pooches were still alive. Does that science have ANY relevance as an indicator of Vical's melanoma platform? You decide. I'm happy to hold on to my shares, rather than folding at the card table on AF's bluff.

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    • While I agree he is a putz, he did raise some good questions. I am skeptical about timing of a7 results and start of hsv trial. If a7 fails, hsv trial will allow vj to continue to earn big $ for nothing.

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    • But he has named a rule after himself and then refers to it himself. When ever I read this I wonder if it is all a big joke, or he quit is therapist years ago because she obviously didn't understand his greatness, how dare she suggest HE was a narcissist, she's just a peon who works for a living while he has the power to make stuff up. I hope if I ever get stage IV melanoma, it's the mild kind so I can still go to the beach, after all, 260 patients in this study had this and even after ineffective treatment with A-7 a lot of them are still alive after almost 4 years because they had "melanoma sniffles." Of course they could have all been switched to DTIC and that could have been what saved them. It was a one to two randomization, so a healthy DTIC arm could easily account for the current delay, even with a marginally, or ineffective A-7, or at least that is how I read his argument. So guys, just remember, if you get "healthier" melanoma, just take two alkylating agents and call me in the morning, I'm sure it will be just fine four years out. After all, stage IV is just a number.

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