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  • viclobserver viclobserver Jul 12, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    EVERY CC for over 2 YEARS, "locking the A-7 data base" has been discussed.. therefore, IT is a VERY SIGNIFICANT EVENT

    1) Anybody who listens to Avii, " the LYING LOSER", should get their head examined.

    2) By SEC DEFINITION, "locking the A-7 data base" is a material event.

    3) Since Vical has already stated that the response rate data base will be locked in July... there is a high probability that the OS data base will also be locked in July.

    4) The ACTUAL announcement that BOTH data bases have been locked will be a seminal EVENT for investors.

    5) There are only 2 weeks or so left in July....

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    • V.O.

      ALL the TURDS just came out of their HOLES.

      Please OPEN up the TOILET BOWL COVER and FLUSH them away.

      • 1 Reply to drmas1025
      • Dmas, I can see this IMBECILE ductsoups' topics, even though I have him on ignore... He is a perfect example of a person who simply canNOT think straight...

        He says he is an engineer.. but that means ZERO..

        You can educate people, but you can NOT teach them common sense.

        All the great investors say the same thing.

        I have POSTED numerous FACTS, and the BASIC mathematical analysis of those FACTS.

        The guy is such a total LOSER, he can even deal with FACTS... they confuse his little pin brain....

    • You are so ignorant VO. I am CERTAIN you don’t even know what “locking the database” means.

      “By SEC DEFINITION, "locking the A-7 data base" is a material event.”

      Oh yeah, let’s see that definition. You are a professional money manager and you don’t even have a BASIC understanding of Reg FD. Not a clue.

      • 3 Replies to avii77
      • It would be disclosed in a Form 8-K filing or very broad public announcement. For Reg FD, the issue is selective disclosure. More broadly, the issue is one of materiality of the event under a 10-b5 type standard. Generally, the announcement of any projected time frame of a material event like a database lock, if made, would have to be made on a reasonable basis. Otherwise, they risk securities fraud claims from buyers relying on information which the issuer knew or should have known was unfounded. If there are events in the interim timeframe which change the projected date, VICL would have to disclose that to avoid misrepresentation by omission. Therefore, it is likely that database will lock in the timeframe stated.

      • I absolutely agree with you that Vical will not announce any sort of data lock PR. However, Im pretty sure we'll hear something on 2nd Q CC on early August.

      • Avii , "the LYING LOSER", I have PROVED that you are a LIAR on and an IDIOT on more than one occasion

        I caught you just the other day saying that Mid 2011 was 24 months after the last patient was enrolled.

        I caught you trying to use that LIE to suggest that the MID 2011 forecast for locking the data bases, was ONLY for the response rate data base.

        Instead of continuing to make a total FOOL out of yourself, on a daily basis....

        Just sit back and wait a couple weeks...

        BOTTOM LINE: Vical WILL announce that both data bases have been locked, when that happens.

        You are a proven LIAR, and an IDIOT!!!

    • If you try to pump the stock before the data, forget it.
      Market is in control and has shown its opinion, VICL
      will only trade up if the results are leaked and positive.
      Right or wrong, fair or not, market has a good idea
      what the trial results are, especially VICL's A7 trial is open labeled,
      Patients and DRs know which arm they are and they TALK
      and GIVE FEED BACKS to ???? !!!!! By the way, AVII is a very
      honest, valuable person to any biotech stock board
      he follows, his knowledge and research is first class!
      I am here just try to be lucky that market gets A7 wrong
      and willing to bet little money on it.

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