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  • viclobserver viclobserver Jul 12, 2013 9:13 PM Flag

    super IMBECILE, you are the winner of the MORON of the day award!!!

    People can OBSERVE and ANALYZE.

    People can OBSERVE and post FACTS.

    But only YOU can be today's winner of MORON of the DAY award!!


    You and the other IMBECILES can create your own private circle JERK...

    Otherwise everyone on this MB will continue LAUGH their butts off at you, EVERY TIME you post.

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    • Hey Dude,
      I like the trash talk..kinda fun you know.
      But there is something about you.....a bit bizarre.....I get the impression that....that.....well that you believe everything you post.
      Your posts are very typical of a person needing to be the center of attention, an example is how you responded to if you found him as a challenge to your "Alpha dog" position on this board.

      I hope I am totally wrong here, and if so I do apologize in advance. But you might consider doing abit of self-analysis.

      This is only a message board you know.

    • V.O.

      Who was the WINNER of this MOST PRESTIGIOUS award for July 12, 2013 ?

      Was it MICRODICK ?

      • 1 Reply to drmas1025
      • Drmas, The ALL TIME gold medal award for " trying very hard to impress others with scientific babble" is held by none other than microphage33.

        He has an incredible ability to MIS understand basic medical FACTS.

        While spouting detailed immunology terminology, he fails to understand the MOST basic concepts.

        He does NOT understand the CLEAR CUT data that was presented at ASCO concerning PD-1 drug efficacy.

        He does NOT understand that A-7 and the PD-1 drugs are near PERFECT combination substances.

        He is akin to a termite...... Deeply into the bark.... but completely oblivious to the FOREST.

    • Quack!

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