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  • winallin12 winallin12 Aug 16, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

    Just sold out at market, ending 15 year relationship

    Took a big hit but this thing is not coming back. Upset with myself for listening to the pumpers. Fortunately not in too deep. but still a substantial hit. A 15 year relationship with Vical is now finished

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    • you want to tell me you didn't sold at 60$? i feel sorry fro you....

    • You may be right. It's priced as if survival is in question and it really is. Vijay at the helm could easy take this over the cliff. His news conference performance, with ZERO going forward strategy was execrable. It is very hard to believe, given the time frame for the test that Vical would not have an alternative strategy developed in the event of failure, unless they needed to appear overly shocked at failure. In other words, Vijay played this as you would if you knew the results were bad for a long time but had endeavored to keep this information concealed. This would have likely taken some assistance from the BOD so that may save Vijay from fundamental failure on his top C-level responsibility, articulating the value of the company in the marketplace.
      And yet, if this survives there is still major potential to unlock the value and scramble back with some profit for the experience and some life lessons on the volatility of risk and reward. CMV and Herpes can drive a $50 billion market cap biotech. A decent partnership on either could push the near-term market cap above a billion and give shareholders some anxiety relief. It's a board issue now IMHO. I have no bigger wish than seeing the bleeding stop in this because it is daily evidence of my personal stupidity. But selling now will make that a permanent condition which is to much to bear right now.

    • Hey winallin12, I guess we'll miss you too. I just finished buying a bunch! You know what they say, "buy when there's blood in the streets". VICL's blood is all over the street. The market cap is $120 mil. If Astellas is successful, VICL's remaining milestone payments will be almost that much. Imagine the reaction if VICL signs some kind of deal with a big pharma on the herpes vaccine. Or gets breakthrough status. It's options expiration day. People play games, which all of us know well. Funny, but I feel a little better about it all now that I have some shares at $1.40. Take care.

    • Just added. Good time for the turn when all is thrown out . The ol pitulation !

    • Good luck. At the moment I'm definitely regretting averaging down yesterday, hopefully my sentiment will change in a few months.

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