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  • That means "all time LOW" on my screen. VJ its time to go. There isn't anyone on the street that want to hear anything from you anymore. I get that the a-7 debacle was tough on you. The way you handled it was pathetic. The lack of strong leadeship in times of crisis( that would be now) is unexceptable.The lack of communication is scaring away your largest shareholder. Dont you dare give us "managment can't comment on stock price' Resign now. Go deal with all the law suits on your own. There coming. leave this company to someone ethical who can run it. Capture what value is left without milking shareholders. You tried. Now leave.

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    • Another All time LOW. Nothing from the Company. Vj etc.. Am I alone in wondering . VJ your largest shareholder is HELPING the short cover at ALL time lows. Are you making money off this trade.? Do shareholders have to wait until the SHORT is done covering his position to see a plan? Insider Buying? This is beyond rational. Why hasn't Federated, Vanguard, Blackrock demanded you leave ASAP? Entertaining? No Sick and bordering on a scam.

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      • knowltonca,
        I think your message would be better received if you wrote a letter addressed directly to the VICL BOD, which by law they must distribute to each member, including the CEO. Make sure you get a signed receipt upon delivery. I doubt very much that the BOD or VJ reads this lame message board. I happen to agree with your sentiments, and have held them ever since he started mismanaging the release of the A-7 data with absurd delays. I only have myself to blame for not realizing then that this ship was in the act of sinking.

        I myself have not written such a letter, as these CEOs believe they are impervious to simple, private shareholders, no matter how many shares any of us hold. If one of the larger funds holding shares were to act proactively to remove VJ, that could help ease him out the door. Therefore, if you know the name of the fund manager overseeing the VICL holdings, consider sending them letters as well.

        Finally, if in San Diego at some point, consider going knocking on VICL's door, and leave your letter in person. (VJ will not see you, although you might try to impersonate a reporter looking for a story). Just leave your gun in the car before entering the premises.

        This message board is not useful for sending such messages to the front office.

      • Seems he has something to hide. Not a good place for him to be. Better come clean before he makes it worse on himself. JMO.

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