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  • johnodod johnodod Sep 11, 2013 11:57 AM Flag


    Vijay is so stupid his slide on Vical value drivers didn't even include CyMVectin partnership opportunities. He still claims Vical is in talks on this issue, knowing that a decent deal would do wonders for the stock and the ongoing concern worries about Vical, but doesn't sound convincing.
    Vijay promises quick data on the Herpes vaccine that he claims will head to trials this year. It had better because he doesn't have the credibility to miss deadlines. Finally, Vijay continues to claim, despite staff reductions that Vical has the best staff in the space. If that's true they should be using this great staff to lure deals. The Board and the CEO are inept so even if the rest of the employees are brilliant it isn't getting into the value creation chain. Vijay has destroyed vast wealth during his tenure and his continuing presence indicates Vical is a FUBU (for us by us) company.

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    • If the herpes vaccine is not successful, the rumors of bankruptcy will fast become a reality. Singer knows this and that is why he is dumping shares by the MILLIONS.

    • i agree

    • Hey John,

      What is your take on the herpes simplex virus type 2 or HSV-2 vaccine. I really feel like taking a shot...I don't trust VJ..You know that but when the air clears if it clears...VJ maybe out and we could see $3-5 if that herpes can pass phase 1 of the human trials...Your thoughts...

      Warmest Regards,

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      • I think the vaccine has potential but I think Vijay is human herpes causing an outbreak of downturn for shareholders. Vijay would rather wait until the opportunity is past if he can get some loser company, the further from the U.S. the better, to pay for the trials. Vical needs to be steered into the embrace/deathgrip of a large pharma that can externally validate the Vical promise independent of Vijay BS.
        I am basically trapped in Vical, unwilling to take the hit getting out would bring, but desperate to see a leadership change to bring this zombie company back to life. Vijay is all about conserving cash but never has a clue about how to earn a buck and do it in this lifetime. It will take someone else to sell anything Vical makes so we need to see partnerships or a sale ASAP. The CyMVectin product could change everything but I have zero confidence that Vijay can get a deal cut..

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