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  • wiffdaddy wiffdaddy Nov 19, 1998 9:46 AM Flag

    May surge today

    It looks like VICL may surge up today! The
    opening bid and ask are 17.75 (+2.50)!! I've been sitting
    patiently on this stock for over 2 years now, maybe it's
    time to take off? The news looks promising now, but
    more steps required to go BIG.

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    • I am not in the habit of replying to ridiculous
      claims, but this one is way out there. There is no way
      that any medical personnel (including paramedics)
      would give anyone a drug that had not even been
      approved by the FDA let alone its advisory panel. In fact,
      more than likely, the product would not even be
      available to paramedics or any other medical staff unless
      they were involved with clinical trials and even that
      would be extremely well controlled. So this story is
      not only fabricated, but obviously a meger attempt to
      spread false information. Stick to accurate statements,
      this company has an incredibly bright future witnessed
      by its technology and research. Give this one some
      time and it will pay off royaly. Jackat1

    • i'm gonna sue for deedontional dammagees for everyting! vical give me the malarian and i upset! they give me the peel for me when i get beat up too!

    • I'll probably sue you for all the emotional damages that you're causing. I'll also sue all the people you handle too. Candem?

    • I would not even acknowledge this person any more.

    • Then proceed with your lawsuit. Why would you be given any of their medicine when you were beaten up? That sounds rediculous.


    • TATANKA!!!!!

      Man you people are fucking
      stuiped. One legged third graders with serious learning
      disabilities wouldn't have taken any of my messages seriously.
      But apparently, it ain't that difficult to get
      educated schleps like y'all in an uproar. (It only took 2
      or 3 messages). I couldn't decide between getting
      beat up by a group of thugs and having paramedics give
      me "Vical Medicine" or using "Vical Pills" to help
      treat my son's chronic fatigue syndrome. I think I made
      the right choice, don't you? I don't know shit about
      naked DNA, experimental drugs, or lactose intolerance.
      But I sure know how to get a bunch of stuffed shirts
      all riled up. So, in the words of Master P, "uuuuhhh,
      nah nah nah nah"

      Oh yeah, tell Billy Tran at
      the SEC that I said hi.

    • I usually just lurk but you have succeeded in
      drawing me out.
      I cannot believe that you actually
      wrote that terrible lie about Vical. I intend to
      forward your dumb (vicious and misleading) note to the
      SEC for their consideration. Perhaps you are unaware
      of the consequences?
      As for your allegation, all
      I can say is that it shows your total stupidity. 1)
      Naked DNA technology makes it wholly impossible to
      contract illness. 2) You could not have received any
      experimental drug/vaccine/technology/anything without full
      informed consent. 3) Do you honestly expect that any of us
      are as naive as you?? 4 & 5 & 6 etc. I will spare you
      the other reasons since I expect that the SEC will be
      teaching you the rest soon enough.
      One final word for
      all the other Vical followers: this is a superior
      company, onto a great technology platform, whose products
      will significantly improve human life and greatly
      reward long term followers. Stay long and be patient
      since it will take some time to mature. Follow the
      journals and watch the science develop--there will be a
      Nobel for someone based on this science within the next
      five years.

    • What is this candem thing? I did a comprehensive search on it, but I can't seem to find any information. It really sounds like an interesting investment opportunity. Please advise.


    • I got da bone to pick with Vical too. Once I was
      in the desert when I got a really badd rash on my
      arms and legs. The guy over there gave me a topical
      ointment with no label on it. His name was Frank Costello
      and he told me that he got it two or three mouth ago
      from a place called Vical. I rubbed the ointment on my
      rash and it got worst. I missed work for three-four
      day and the boss? gave me a bush of shit. But wen
      Jeffer was sick you said word or two and that was it. So
      take that to the bank!!!!

    • it will, as other stocks have its ups & downs. In
      the long run it should do very well. The testing so
      far has been very good. VICL at this time has no
      products available to the general public. They are still
      in Clinical Testing. I hope this clears up any
      questions about previous posts.

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