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    • within 12 mos.!

    • Don't say it can not be done!

    • Bank- U know Trmk is not interested in a merger
      or of any type that doesn't help the 3 main guys .
      Dividends will tide them over well-why should they sell-
      Just keep taking money out of our pockets and give it
      to them in dividends while dep guarn stockholder's
      have turned there dollars twice-we have been fleeced-
      We need a lawyer--these guys aren't doing anything
      in our best interest -

    • I have written several messages about a
      TRMK-PHC-HBHC marriage which I think would be good for MS
      banking as well as these institutions. Several years back
      I mentioned the supreme merger of TRMK-BXS. Both of
      these are good banks. Each has qualities that could
      benefit the other. As I have previously stated the
      overlap is really not that much. State law may need to be
      adjusted, but hopefully the advantagous benefits to the
      state would justifly the change. As I study the
      objectives of these two banks, a merger would fit just
      right. Of course the problem comes in as to who will run
      the bank. Each has good management. Richard has
      really impressed me during his short time at TRMK.
      Aubrey has a good record at BXS. Comparing the
      performance over the past two years, one would have to give
      the nod to Richard. Rather than paying too much for
      acquistions to grow(BXS-Vicksburg&AL), Richard invested in
      the bank he knew the best; TRMK. It was a very wise
      move! Compare the stock performance for the past 6mos.
      As for the board, take the 25 largest shareholders
      of each bank,MOE stock exchanged based on book
      value. UPC & ASO are not gonna be down forever. Now
      would be a good time to combine these two banks into a
      dynamic combo!

    • Thanks for the info.

    • the answer looks to be yes see article on page a27 of wsj tues or wed this week

    • The 99 mergers do not seem to be demanding the 97 premiums. Will premiums decline even more after the deletion of "pooling of interest"?

    • I suspect that the easy money is over for TRMK
      with ASO coming to the state. While there continues to
      be too many banking institutions in MS, TRMK has not
      had a serious competitor since DEP. BXS is a good
      little country bank, UPC&FAM have been struggling, and
      TRMK has being shaping up. TRMK is in better shape
      than ever. I suspect that there are many banks that
      would love to merge with TRMK NOW. The issue is! Are
      the few in control ready to merge? Pooling of
      interest has limited time remaining. Merger activity is
      heating up. When should one sale to maximize shareholder
      value? When there are ready buyers? When you are in
      great shape? While there are tax accounting advantages?
      Finanicial firms are becoming increasingly concerned with
      the influence of the NET(you are using it). Y2K
      uncertainties! NOW seemingly is a great time to MAXIMIZE
      investor/shareholder value. Times change and waits for noone! Will
      TRMK wait too late???
      THANKS ole DEP board:POP-FAM!
      POP-ASO! Don't ya just love hearing that "ole money
      popping sound"!!!!

    • With amsouth in town every one will have to take a new look. It won't take them long to clean up the mess First American made. Change is in the wind and everyone better tighthen up!!!

    • With the arrival in Miss. of AmSouth a very
      formidable competitor that would clean up the DepGuaranty
      mess, would Trustmanrk feel the heat and be more likely
      to merge. would any of the other Ala banks wnat to
      look at it to stay competitive size wise? Is something
      already going on since Trmk is close to its high for the

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