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  • buddhaslackey buddhaslackey Feb 12, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

    Management Doesn't Get It

    Deyu is a perplexing company. With a stated tangible book value of 5.49 and a share price of .83 one has to wonder if this is a scam. The market is certainly treating it as such. And in the investment world, so is management.

    As much as management wants to grow this company, they have disregarded their fiduciary responsibility as a public entity. The recent company paid “research” reports isn’t going to do it. If management wants to increase the share price and reward shareholders it only has to review what other US listed Chinese companies have done.

    Share Buyback. What company wouldn’t want to buy back their shares when there is such a stated discrepancy in value.

    Insider Purchases: Again, one would think that officers and directors would be stepping up to the plate and buying shares

    Dividend: Returning money to shareholders is the quickest way to convince the investing public that the is company is real.

    Below is a chart of Chinese companies that have taken some of these measures. As one can see, their share prices have rebounded. Deyu has not.

    Until Deyu management takes action to support the share price, this stock will be viewed in a negative light.

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