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  • kg2931 kg2931 Jan 12, 2004 9:55 AM Flag

    INSP: Split in the cards

    - entice buyers
    - gain wall street back - increase visibility & volume
    - Allow the stock price to grow (stuck now)
    - compensate LT stockholders who bought & own prior to last 1:10 Reverse split.
    - previous threat of NAS delisting (below $1.00) has not been an issue for a long time - time to compensate

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    • i am sure you would you fag! get a life and go tell msft maybe they should split their stock 10 for one so they can get to around 3 bucks or so!!!!

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    • you are plain stupid. how come rimm has risen from 4 bucks or so to 76 bucks.. three times the stock price of insp? if the stock was a hundred bucks i would agree but 25 bucks is nothing. what is holding insp down is jain. how he royally fucked the company and gave the company a bad name. that is starting to change now and will continue to grow. how ask jeeves has a higher cap than insp i will never know. same as siri and many others. in time insp will prosper and even give you your stupid split you pussy

    • Listen little mister 29 year old Georgia prick, I've been investing longer than you've been out of high school. I have over $90 K vested in INSP since Yr2000. INSP's is located in my back yard. If INSP splits back to an attractive price level, the street comes back. Market psychology drives the market more than valuation. We stay at this level and I guarantee we won't be higher than $28 - $30 a year from now. Notice all my posts for the last several years are always 'HOLD'. You should not be spouting your mouth off in the ignorance of your youth.

    • The stock will split 2 for 1 or more in the future. Probably once the price exceeds $40 and stays above that figure for some time. Stock splits make no difference in the market cap of a company but tend to give a psychological inducement to buy the company in that the shares appear more affordable. Forward stock splits in a financially successful company virtually always result in price appreciation for the stock beyond what would otherwise have occured with out the split. INSP has a ways to go yet but is very likely to split within the next year or so if things keep going as well as they have.


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