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  • sunwyboy sunwyboy Aug 2, 2005 9:01 PM Flag

    Could someone explain....

    why MSN, GOOG, and YHOO would allow their search content to be published on Dogpile?

    What I am asking for here is the money flow. How does it benefit MSN, YHOO, and GOOG? Does Dogpile/INSP get any advertising dollars from this, or is it just value added services?

    My mind is just too simple to grasp who and how money is being made this way.

    Long INSP

    Thanks, Sunwy

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    • this board really has gone down hill - fast.

      MSN, YHOO and Goog all allow INSP to have their search engines incorporated into Dogpile because it brings them traffic. While presumably, if they all agreed to stop allowing dogpile to have access, they could prevent dogpile from having any visitors, that won't happen (different contract termination dates). Its like the prisoner's dilemma from economics.

      Dogpile has searchers, myself for example - who value the metasearch benefits. As long as I keep going to dogpile, any 1 search engine would lose out by not including their search results into dogpile.

      Lets say i search for iPod, and MSN wasn't incorporated. That means they have no chance that I would click on their search results. When I click on a search result genearted by Dogpile through YHOO, both companies get paid - though I doubt INSP or YHOO or GOOG would disclose their TAC.

    • well gosh - maybe you should just sell out and move on?

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    • why do say he is enjoying it?


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