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  • ELJETFAN ELJETFAN Apr 16, 1999 9:46 PM Flag

    Who are the bulls on this board?

    Long term investors, why do you own this stock. I
    am relatively new to INSP and I want to hear what
    you have to say. Day traders (and people who can only
    say "INSP to 300. Go Infospace!!!!) please keep your
    worhtless comments to yourself.

    I happen to feel
    that INSP is a diamond in the rough. Mr. Jain is one
    smart SOB. Yahoo is a portal. INSP is a portal of a
    portal. Enough said.

    Please surprise me with your
    wisdom and due dilligence.

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    • Welcome to INSP. We are all very excited abot
      this company and happy to have gotten in on the ground
      floor. I agree with your estimates on the market cap. I
      looked up Inkomia market cap- much larger than INSP.
      INsp has a far superior product. Inkomia(spelling????)
      has a -6% growth rate. INSP 38%( I was a bit
      concerend about Inkomia's active shopper which will be out
      soon - but OT said their's would be out 3rd qrt and
      Insp plans are for the 1st qtr- The first company
      So I totally agree with you that we have many more
      splits to look forward to. If the post split price is
      say 58-60's it will not take long for it to again
      reach the high 90's where I think the split was first
      announced. So perhaps every 5months we could anticipate a
      Acme- could you call INSP Investor Relations and ask
      about the split date misunderstanding. I noticed you
      are in their neck of the woods. I will be out most of
      the day on Monday and will not have access to the
      phone. Spring break for the kids. We are going on a
      little field trip.
      I live in Eatonville- about 30
      miles west of Mt Rainier. If you get a chance to call
      or anyone else for that matter could you post it on
      the INSP board over at OUR company's web site. Ot
      gave you the thread. BTW- INSP tells their advistisers
      how many hits they get a day. The hits you give yahoo
      by posting on this board you could be giving to the
      company your invested in.
      See ya on the

      P.s Minney if your reading this I'd like to email you
      something about not chasing a stock (what comes up must
      come down) and the market manipulators. Excellent
      anyone else who would like
      to read it feel free to mail me.

    • doesn't work.

    • Go to and read our
      message board!!!! Here you will find everybody that use
      to post on yahoo that have decided to support our
      own cause by posting on the INSP boards!!!! Good luck
      to all you new Spacers!!!! GO INSP!!!! Stay long and

      • 1 Reply to ortingtux
      • The purpose of this post is to inform you of an
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        "Internet and Technology Resources" Corporation

        TPEG began their transition into the Internet business
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        to CMGI and WCAP. All the below FACTS detail their
        progress and can be verified by one of two ways:

        By reviewing the company Press Releases over the
        last three months:

        2) By calling Strategic Capital Consultants (IR) @

        In addition, a TPEG(IATR) chat room was created last
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        Or visit the Yahoo message Board

        TPEG (IATR) Facts:

        1) On January 20, 1999, TPEG
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        2) On
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        4) On March 1, 1999, TPEG announced that it will
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        (IATR). The name change and cusip change will go into
        effect immediately after the shareholder's meeting on

        5) On April 1, 1999, TPEG announced that Pacific
        Softworks filed an initial public offering (IPO) on March
        26, 1999, for 800,000 units.

        6 On April 7,
        1999, TPEG announced the appointment of Barry Sandrew,
        Ph.D., as executive vice president and chief technology
        officer. His resume can be found

        7)On April 15, 1999, TPEG announced the commencement
        of the publication of a free bi-weekly newsletter to
        be available on the Internet, with the start date
        currently contemplated to be April 21. The report, titled
        ''The Sandrew Letter,'' will be authored by TPEG's
        Executive Vice President - CTO, Barry Sandrew, Ph.D., and
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        the company's Web site is still under construction.

        8) Currently, there are 9.6 million shares
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        9) TPEG has a $5.5 million line of credit with an
        institutional investor, a film library from their previous
        industry valued at $8-15 million, and wholly owns
        MediaWorks International worth approximately $5

        10) Further Press Releases are forthcoming.|

    • and the comments about internet plus INSP...we are goint to be fine and do great long on INSP

    • we think it is really cool!!! Go INSP 250 yea!!!
      Oh and because it has a .com in it!
      Now on a more serious note I have done my Due
      diligence on this stock for over 4 months now- seems like
      an eternity. Got in initially @40. I personally own
      it 1st- because I love the product- 2nd because for
      a new imerging company I think the fundimentals
      look great. Insp has had a few minor setbacks with a
      lawsuit. Which I might add was handled in a very quite,
      timely fashion. Last time I checked the growth rate was
      40%, correct me if I am wrong.
      Also our CEO has
      vision and passion for the company. last but not least-
      I happen to think this is important- He has worked
      under the mindset of the MSFT family. Msft does foster
      and expect from it's employees, vision, character,
      dedication and the striving of perfection. Naveen worked
      with Bill Gates for seven years- you can see in his
      product that his due dilegence has paid off.
      So in
      closing I would like to say INSP rocks! One last thing-
      real quick- This company is based in the Pacific
      Northwest- rest my case.
      any other thoughts?