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  • scratch0101 scratch0101 Oct 10, 2000 12:25 AM Flag


    Charts give an interesting perspective. One thing
    it shows is that the market needs to cooperate so
    that the "good" boats can float back to the top. It
    also clearly shows that even at a "relatively" low
    share price infospace still trades at a premium (which
    is a good thing) Obviously higher valuations mean
    risk but it also means there are investors out there
    (and a lot of them) that believe infospace has
    something to offer. Why has infospace fallen? Because any
    stock with a high valuation in this market is
    vulnerable. The trick is to pick the ones that'll recover.
    Look at business model, management.

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    • Any price prediction after earnings ?

      • 3 Replies to pentium_six
      • Too difficult to predict price short term. IHO
        there are numerous catalysts that could permanently
        reverse the current trend. Some have to do with Infospace
        and some with the general market. I just hope the Naz
        is cooperating before we come out with earnings.
        Honestly, the Naz could tank and we could see teens despite
        good earnings (very unlikely) or Yahoo reports good,
        internets rally, a short squeeze, Naz has a sustained
        rally, merger's completed, there's a run-up before
        earnings, we report even better than the whisper, upgrades,
        Jain announces a huge partner in Europe, more
        upgrades, telecom all of a sudden is back in fashion,
        people start shopping for Christmas early and see all
        the neat wireless internet devices...let's say 35-37
        by earnings, 65-70 by Christmas and 110- a new time
        high by March :)

      • I think INSP will beat earning projections but
        its price will be dependent on where the Nasdaq will
        be..... If Nasdaq is trading at this level INSP $23 to
        $26. If Nasdaq tanks substantially lower their is a
        good possibility that we will trade from $18 to $21.
        If Nasdaq is above 3500 we could be trading at $27
        to $30. My current average price is $37 so anything
        up from here is a godsend. Nice movement in BVSN
        today. Lets hope INSP does the same soon.

      • i know it sounds crazy, i like to see it in the 50's by friday. my prediction is 44-48 range by friday. no hype, just a feeling.......

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