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  • kg2931 kg2931 Jan 17, 2001 10:27 AM Flag

    MMs need to Layoff INSP

    This is rediculous. Biggest up day on the Nas we've had in weeks. INTC & JNPR earnings good. ITWO reports tonight and is already up $4 while the NAS is up 118 pts all in the first hour of trading. RNWK & INAP similar trading range both up over a dollar.

    INSP is only up .140625 !!!!!!!

    I can't wait for the MMs (whomever) to get done chasing everyone away from INSP so, us small investors can come back and trade this thing reasonably. Assholes!

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    • good post. That's exactly my point. In this world, there is nothing called impossible. BRCM went up 40% that day, when Nasdaq was up 300 points. So I don't want to hear this % BS, I just want to see INSP over $10. Someone is holding this stock down and not let it happen.

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      • It is frustrating that the masses haven't seen the light yet about INSP. My philosphy (for whatever THAT'S worth) is just be patient. Regardless of why INSP is out of favor now, eventually it will get people's attention and "everybody" will jump on the bandwagon. No matter how much Jain is hated, or the MMs are playing with the price, or any of the other theories, SOONER OR LATER it WILL take off and never go back to these levels. Short term means NOTHING if you're long.

        Just my humble opinion.

      • Look at RNWK & FFIV - both up almost $2.

        Look at ADIC & ADCT - both up over $1.5 (both been hammered with downgrades and stagnation last week)

        NAS is at the highest this morning (+124) and INSP just went down from 9.28125 to 9.140625 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        What a piece of shit!!!!!!!

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