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  • kg2931 kg2931 Jan 30, 2001 12:25 PM Flag

    ON24 1/29/01 News Release Survey(INSP)

    I'm asking for serious experienced opinions on how/why ON24 either can or can't legally get away with their following two news releases from this morning:

    Jan 29, 2001
    [audio] Analyst: Investors Should Stand Clear of INSP's Murky Picture [2.0 min] - ON24 - 10:59 pm
    [audio] Analyst: InfoSpace Shares Will Drop Tues. on Lowered Guidance [3.7 min] - ON24 - 10:54 pm

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    • I noted your post and wonder why you would question the legality of such a story --- the entire point of ON24 is to provide a forum for MANY voices of experts, analysts, company executives and even competitors to discuss their views and share their expertise. While you may not always agree with such an opinion, why would you ever seek to muzzle that voice? Do you favor censorship? Or promote full discourse on any company?

      Peter Shaplen
      News Director

    • Just a note from one reporter at On24 regarding your question, which I just saw. On24 is a news organization, and as such we're simply reporting the news (of course we do decide what's news and what's not... one can argue over how we choose what's news, but that's different from your question and relates more to journalistic standards, practices and ethics). So how can we write those headlines legally, I think you are asking? Answer: First amendment. QED. Freedom of the press. We're simply reporting what analyst X or Y is saying.

      Also from the word-usage desk: a "news release" is another phrase for "press release" which means a document created by a company's public relations firm. We produce "news stories" a term which holds the same meaning in broadcast as "news article" does for print.