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  • justjawn justjawn Apr 25, 2013 8:58 AM Flag

    What is deceiving.........

    As much as I despise the crooks at the helm of our lil continues to amaze me the possible potential this hole in the ground can reveal. You say "sure big mouth.......why such high production costs?" After hiring quite a number of miners over the last couple of years to expand their operations........going from a 5 day a week to full time.......and around the clock to boot.....instant results are not realiized until the actual mining has happened.....ore has been shipped and processed...........and possibly even receiving the check ......only to wait a bit longer until the bean counters can tally up the final results. What bothers me is such great results with the drill program that can be accessed in a few months..........and the market responds like a dead fish. Why? My opinion goes back to my first comment.............there is something fishy going on......and I think it is at the surface. GLTA longs

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    • It is clear the only way this stock will go up is if silver goes way up. There is nothing else to push it higher. Silver goes down a little and it gets crushed. SIlver goes up a buck and it only goes up 9 cents. Unreal.

    • What has the company done to promote this stock to the investment community? I dont think much at all. I know someone who owns alot of this stock and they wont even return his phone calls to discuss the last quarter. That in and of itself it kind of shows they could give a #$%$ about us small investors.