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  • meddeviceinvestor meddeviceinvestor Nov 26, 2007 5:08 PM Flag

    Great news - kudos to the Immunicon team

    Thanks again for the words of wisdom and patience Chief. While I wasn't expecting a huge move from this announcement, I beleive that if the timing was better we might have seen better follow through this am. Having played many of these companies for years, I am pleased with their decision to change their startegic partner as it is not uncommon for the first choice to be more interested in keeping a product just viable enough to prove it's validity,but not profitable enough to make the innovative company to expensive to buy. As for the conference call, I was hoping for your take on Byron's reliance on Veridex when asked what the feedback back from the Docs in the field was. You've been kind enought to post your anecdotal evidence to support the platform, why couldn't the companies CEO do the same? Anyway, nice to see a 400K day, obviously there is still a large seller but also a continued accumulater as well. All the best Chief, thanks again for your insights.