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  • johnnygodinho johnnygodinho Dec 17, 2009 8:37 AM Flag

    TIXC + private investors buys another 1million shares

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    • Mike,

      Can't see how Costco couldn't have been used to push more ticket sales for the 101 tour.

    • Rowdy,

      101 Dalmations launched at the beginning of the 4th qtr. I also think productions is producing one other show that was not in the lineup last year at this time. Not 100% on it but I think that is the case.

      101 dalmations tickets can be rather expensive .... best seats around $70+ per seat in some cases.

      Amigo Mike

    • Thanks amigo,

      My apologies for the smart alack comment. I sort of figured out what you were trying to say by going back to the K.

      Your current explanation is much clearer. As for 4th quarter projections, did production bookings and dates increase this 4th quarter over last year? Are ticket prices higher?

      None of this changes my outlook. Tix doesn't spin wo Francis (he's worth the money), and with Pfizer taking a lead, stem cells is a place to gamble for now.

    • 2009 9mos revenues is $56 million.

      Only need $13 million in 4q to match last year's revenue numbers. I am hoping it is DOUBLE that i.e. $26 million

      $56+$26 = $82 million

      Even if 4Q is flat with last year ($20 million) .... $56+$20= $76 million.

      Either number produces better YOY compares for 2009 over 2008.

      As I said, revenues are up .... but it is a question of continuing to increase free cash flow and build bottomline earnings.

      Amigo Mike

    • What did you do, cut a hole in your pocket so you could learn to count to eleven? Even if you play pool with both hands, a single unit only counts one time. Tix is not so well endowed. Check your math.

      One of your rosy presumptive totals does not calculate.

    • Well Rowdy that's where you're mistaken.

      Tix Productions has added a number of productions and 101 Dalmations just launched in October (and includes merch and some ticketing control). Merch .... just PR'd an expansion for new Cleopatra exhibit launching mid 2010.

      2008 revenues were $69 million
      2009 through 9 months was $56 million or so. Not sure what the 4Q number will be but I expect it will be higher than $13 million to match last year. Might be near double that. If it hits that number .... that would yield revenues of $82 million for 2009. If 4Q revs are flat with last year .... still comes in at $76 million. Hmmmmm ..... looks like growth to me.

      The discount ticket business is still growing .... although at a slowing rate. Unfortunately Mitch Francis and his COOs salary have grown much faster.

      Like I said, its about cash flow and putting numbers on the bottom line.

      Amigo Mike

    • You get it! There are no growth drivers for this company right now and foreseeable future with any of the businesses they operate. That's why I'm a Francis advocate, he's a tremendous slouch, true Hollywood actor. If Ron Popeil can make it to the MGM board, anything is possible down in the minor leagues.

      Mike, there's no growth drivers for anything Tix is doing in this economy. Tix depends on discretionary spending. Francis is selling a pocket pool player, but the products don't have any feel good.

    • Again you focus on the LV ticketing business.

      It is NOT the growth driver for this company.
      Amigo Mike

    • I pretty much agree with what your research has found. I haven't spent any time reading your past posts, nor will I. While I wait for this share price to decline another dollar, my one play is a penny stock in stem cell research. Once I begin to follow a stock like Tix or ACTC, I usually do so for a couple of years. I like penny stocks, so when Tix finally gets to that level well under a dollar, I may love every bounce to death.

      I go to Vegas frequently...for 50 years. I been fascinated with gaming business since mob era. I'm very attuned to dynamic shifts in the character of Vegas business environment which occur every 8 to 12 years. Tix should be popular with Californians, but the change in that demographic do not favor the future of the Tix business model. It's ultimately doomed by web marketing. Tix's business should flatten and dry up in next 12-18 months because another quantum shift is on the horizon in Vegas, and Tix lacks technology to adapt and compete with casinos directly or Plus shifting demographics...Asians, Indians and Pakistanis who come from CA in droves...aren't a visible presence in the Tix outlets when I've been there. Locals don't attend these shows at any price.

    • Rowdy,

      If you had followed my thoughts on this company over the years .... I don't advocate long term investment in TIXC. I would agree that it is a stock play. The constant crap about cash on the books and debt free is silly and the constant "record sales" from the discount ticket business and means zippo. Its about generating free cash flow and earnings.

      As a matter of fact, if you look hard enough you can find posts from me many times advocating short to intermediate opportunities in this stock. Last one was from around these prices .... with a $4 price target .... for VERY specific reasons. Recently at $4 I was selling a position for better than a double.

      Right now given recent events ..... I think TIXC presents another chance for a decent short to intermediate trade. However, I don't think TIXC will drop as far as you assert.

      For a business you don't see as viable .... well the discount LV business has been there for several years and isn't likely going away ..... and productions mgmt has been producing live entertainment (which isn't going away) for more than 25 years .... so there must be something there eh ?

      The question is whether they can make money doing it. 2010 is expected to be the year to see profits start hitting the bottomline .... and as poor a CEO as I think Mitch Francis is .... I doubt he and the BoD would be dumb enough to spend the company's cash on buying the stock if they thought their businesses were faltering.

      Amigo Mike

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