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  • greatcompany99 greatcompany99 Feb 10, 2003 6:12 PM Flag

    This Stock Is A Strong Buy!

    At $2.99 and not a penny more.


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    • BTW, all good daytraders cut their losers short and let the winnners run. Daytraders also short the market as well as go long. Don't assume that just because you lost money on the downturn that everyone else did too. It doesn't necessarily work that way. Enjoy your day. I'm having a BLAST!

    • Your blatant ignorance is showing, my friend. Do you have ANY idea what brokerage fees are now? A daytrader can chose to have free trades from Freetrade or he/she can chose to pay $9.95 and trade with Cyber.

      So, here you sit in front of your computer arguing with someone you can't see or hear when you could be out fishing in the bay.

      I only come over here in between trades to kill a few minute while my quotes are running on the other screeen. This is more fun than bagging that 12 point buck. And, it is more fun than sitting on a river bank drowning worms. I LOVE trading! In fact, I gave up my professional job to do this 3 years ago.

      What's a bundle? My daytrading friend says $500K per year. My other daytrading friend says $200K. It is all relative! My professional job was in the social service area and a bundle to me really isn't what it is to someone else.

    • ouch there goes that nasty little war doing a 180 degree turn on ya. tha short gamble u made didnt exactly pan out for u daytraders did it?
      ouch ouch ouch totally out of your control...cant hit a homerun everytime eh?
      have a great day i got to slash the boat. will check back in this afternoon. after i get off the gulf.
      have a great day, mr juanOh

      "well, go ahead and continue "investing" while the rest of us make a bundle. "

      the rest of you?? yea, like making it in the NBA

    • when u walk with over 300k profit in 12 months with a 20 percent tax liability while u fish all day give me a call.

      tell me who has it better?

      its 75 degrees, the grouper are chewin and you are stuck in front of a computer all day worrying that something that might happen internationally or some other company in your picks sector takes a dump both totally out of your control that will wipe out your profits.
      of course theres always that New York 4 foot tall analyst that can cause u pain too.

      anthony soprano said it all. "unless u are at the top of the food chain u are pigeon feed ".

      id really like to hear what your conception of a "bundle" really is

      of course there isnt a guilty person in any jail and there will never be a trader that hides behind a screen id that will ever admit to losing any cash.

      every trade is a homerun, right fellows?

      i understand exactlly what daytrading is all about my friend.

      i just chose to have a life.

      make your "bundle," if u do make a few cents after giving half of it to the broker and tax man uve earned it.

    • After all these years it continues to amaze me how many people don't have a clue about what daytrading is all about. Oh well, go ahead and continue "investing" while the rest of us make a bundle.

    • so u trade day in and day out, make a few pennies then bam!! the stock goes to 8 bucks expiration hits u and u lose all those hard earned pennies.

      wouldnt it be better to just go to the track?

    • "At $2.99 and not a penny more."

      I disagree. I have said for a long time that I think the low 3's is a good entry point. Around 3.10 would be a good buy.

    • Grow up little boy ...and I mean thatliterally .take your ten shares of stock and go home to Mommy.

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