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  • oculus711 oculus711 May 18, 2004 9:25 AM Flag

    INFY and rest of India....

    is rallying...strange but true, the politics of India effected yesterday's market. Oil market headed to $45.00/barrel and terrorist threats will only increase. How will the market react when a subway bomb goes off in New York, or a dirty bomb? Seems it's only a matter of time according to intelligence agents. Call your broker..." Can you give me some stocks that will benefit when a terrorist attack happens"...amazing reality we live in today...THanks BUSH, you F***ing MORON. I see the responses now, "It's the terrorists , not Bush"...of course blame should be at the feet of these nut terrorists, yet has Bush only incited the radicals even more with his FAILED Iraq war? I say yes...VOTE OUT BUSH IN NOVEMBER!!!

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    • it is because fuel is NOT priced as COST + X, where X is constant. X is variable and has a component of COST. The higher the COST, the higher X is. It is the same reasoning that a $1 item and $100 item doesn't have the same markup, but for fuel, it is a variable, NOT a static percentage. Believe me, the higher the spot, the more the refiners make, irrespective of demand.

    • What in the hell does "so much that at today's prices, $50/barrel still works for them" mean? Are you saying that American companies are jacking up costs in addition to the Arabs? If so, where is the proof?

      Refineries could be making record profits because consumption continues to increase. Is this a possibility?

      Where does this board find you people?

    • Ya Jesus,We have three thousand americans killed in New York by these ass holes and your worried about our president making them mad at us.
      Wake Up you Jerk.

    • I guess Bush incited terrorists before they took out the Towers too, right? Liberal idiots like you make me sick. You are probably like most others that backed the war in Iraq only to change directions and claim you thought it was a bad idea.

      Terrorists don't need a reason, they are radical cowards that will continue their "cause" regardless of world events.

      And you don't think Clinton contributed to the current problems? Lack of focus resulted in expanded terrorist networks and the inability to have intelligence to stop major attacks.

      And who would you rather have in office to respond to attacks such as the towers...Bush or Gore?

      The terrorists are here regardless of who is in office so stop whining and making this a political platform when those cowards are out to kill Americans regardless of politics.

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      • I think that most sensible Americans realize that liberals live for today and not tomorrow.
        Their answer to Iraq problem is lob a few cruise missles and hit a baby milk factory. You know....throw stones at a distance but do not get your hands dirty, they fail to do the job right like Bush is. They do not realize that war is not pretty. It can have it's strange twists and turns of events. Nothing is predictable. Phase 2 of this involvement consists of insurgence and not resistance. Once again, all the liberals can do about this issue is throw stones at the issue and provide no solutions

      • Assholes like you are why dumbshits like Bush rigged the election and then started his own war to justify his fucking incompetence and criminal behavior. He's fucking worse than Hitler. At least Hitler said what he hated. Bush is too chicken shit to do that so he's screwing all of us. Look at the price of gas you asshole.

    • Yes I couln't agree with you more. I can't say Bush didn't do nothing in 4 years. He did plenty. Turned a budget surplus into a deficiet, the mess in Iraq, sky rocket oil prices. Get him out in NOV

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