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  • trupicture trupicture Nov 4, 2005 7:31 AM Flag

    Joseph Tucci Talks Turkey


    Joseph Tucci Talks Turkey
    Danit Lidor, 11.04.05, 6:00 AM ET

    NEW YORK - Joseph Tucci became the president and chief executive of EMC in January 2001, when the company was sinking fast. The Massachusetts-based firm, which builds enormous platforms that store and manage data for companies, was hit hard after the collapse of the tech bubble.

    Under Tucci's tutelage, EMC (nyse: EMC - news - people ) has climbed back to the top of the heap, directing the industry toward so-called �total storage management,� acquiring companies to expand its services and managing to bring in a tidy profit. Sure, Sarbanes-Oxley has helped a ton (the 2002 ruling requires companies to keep--and store--reams of financial documents), but Tucci�s commitment to executive responsibility has won the board�s confidence, too. So much so, that last week he was promoted to chairman of the board. In the afterglow of a tremendous third quarter--revenue grew a stunning 17% to $2.4 billion and net income leaped from $218 to $316 million (excluding a tax-related benefit of $106 million) talks with Tucci about healthy paranoia, the frustrating state of the economy, and forthright communication.

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    • Straight from the horse�s ass, the article says Joe turned EMC around when it was floundering, falling or just mismanaged. Didn�t Mike Reutgers, former CEO and Chairman declare EMC immune from the world wide recession? Why did the previous senior management dump hundreds of thousands of shares, Mike alone dumped 68 million plus, and threw the reins to Joe, sounds like someone in that regime dropped the ball. Wasn�t Joe President and COO at that time, where was his plan then? As for Joe, why did his homegrown software fail, ECC, Storage Scope, Auto_IS. Why were the latest two DMX releases 24 month and 12 months late to market? So basically Joe and maybe Mike had to clean up a huge mess they created for taking their eye off the ball. While companies like Apple and Microsoft reinvented themselves, Joe when on a shopping spree and put his mergers and acquisitions team into full motion buying what he could not develop in house. Yeah, it really refreshing seeing how EMC screwed up, and they are buying their way out, the street knows better, just look at the stock.

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      • As for Joe, why did his homegrown software fail, ECC, Storage Scope, Auto_IS.

        ECC (now known as ControlCenter) was not homegrown exactly. It's roots were in a Softworks product - a company acquired by EMC. StorageScope started as a separate product, but was folded into the CC line.

        Why would you lie and say they failed? Both are alive and well.


      • And if you really know what you were talking about, then they would be losing market share.
        Buying better technology is in most cases cheaper then developing it in house depending upon the price. EMC is in the business of making money, not throwing it away. Why spend 1B to develope a product when the same or very similar product is available for 500M.
        Under your way of thinking it would be smarter to spend 300K to make your own car then to spend 25K for one built for you. Using that thought process is whatgot you in your present situration of being a loser.

    • That's a good article in many ways. Nice to see something mature instead of the infantile garbage that usually fills this board overnight.

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