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  • jimmyboy3385008 jimmyboy3385008 Jun 19, 2006 10:31 AM Flag

    Is EMC gonna put together a

    Software company that nobody really needs? I mean they donot have any in house killer products since they ran off moshe and every time they buy a software company the stock goes down , what the hell is going on? Any smart tech guys know what the hell is going on?

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    • That's the problem when the Chairman of the Board also happens to be the CEO

    • software company?

      I'm a retired tech guy. I sold tech gear for 30 years. I competed with EMC with several different vendors (Sun, Hitachi, McData, etc.) (I even worked for EMC an employee...for 2 days! They bought us, but they laid us all off!)

      In my opinion, Tucci is busy trying to get out of the hardware business - where the technology regularily turns high-margin inventions into low-margin commodities.

      I think he even stated once that EMC needed to get diversified into software, and away from sole reliance on hardware.

      But I also agree that many of the software products EMC is buying are far from mainstream stuff. These products might sell into a few small niches, but (IMO) don't appear to be the "killer applicaions" that will build a large revenue steam with a significant customer base and a large market share percentage.

      EMC has a lot of baggage typical of a large company. But if you look back at the last 30-40 years of the IT industry, almost all of the "Titans" are gone. Only IBM, Microsoft, HP and Intel are (currently) long term survivors.

      Where are these big computer manufactors?
      - Digital Equipment
      - Data General
      - Wang
      - Burroughs (and Sperry Univac) = Unisys
      - Control Data Corp.
      - Sun Microsystems (fading fast)
      - GE
      - Honeywell
      - Dell (also fading - selling commodities)

      Even EMC isn't immune to the march of technology as it continues to evolve from high-priced, whiz-bang gotta-have, and turns into no-margin, commodity "boxes" (ref: Dell, and most of the other PC makers!)

      So there's my explanation - from a tech guy's perspective.

      Oh yes - I did own EMC stock, but sold it when it dropped below $51.

    • JB, you are asking the questions that I and the people with whom I invest have been asking for several months. Another good question is why is tucci spending money to buy and also spending 2 billion over last year and this year on r&d?

    • No.Better to sell out for now and sleep better at night.Maybe buy back in the 10's.A bit below new fair market value.

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