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  • thinkbigger88 thinkbigger88 Feb 3, 2007 10:16 AM Flag

    Barrons; EMC this week

    Will it move the price? I say not

    [This week in San Francisco, EMC's RSA division will host the year's largest information-security convention, fittingly named the RSA Conference. And as part of RSA's coming-out party at EMC (ticker: EMC), its parent is expected to make announcements aimed at demonstrating that the two companies' integration is proceeding faster and more seamlessly than expected.

    The headline grabber is likely to be the unveiling of a "mutual flagship product" that marries EMC's core storage technology with RSA's main security prowess: authentication. (Authentication is a way of proving you are who you say you are to a computer device.) EMC will unveil a line of its high-end Symmetrix storage arrays with RSA's advanced authentication technology built in, knowledgeable people say.]

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    • What�s amazing is that Joe, EMC and the Trupictures of the world really believe this type of postings has any significant influence on the company�s performance. This is just normal business as usually which can be found for anybody, NTAP, IBM, HPQ. Its useless rhetoric is intended to persuade the �I don�t have a clue�s� of world that EMC is actually making significant forward progress, when Wall Street and Investor stopped listening sometime ago, the stock price is premier indicator, so let�s stop publishing this BS about the boring mundane �who gives a chit� and lets start seeing how BOD plans to reinvent this company, i.e. Apple. Let�s see the headlines �Tucci to Step Down� that would be a good start.

    • You know what Barrons articles, conferences, and trade shows have done for the stock price in the past.

      Pretty much the same as with good earnings, analyst upgrades, stock buybacks, and acquisitions.

    • thanks miss muffett! gotta admire the people on this board that have an ax to grind with a company. don't you have something better to do with your time than to spew your dislike for a company. why don't you spend your time doing charitable work instead! what an unhappy person you must really be!!!!!!!!!

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