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  • oxfdblue62 oxfdblue62 Nov 12, 2007 4:06 PM Flag

    Way Oversold

    There's oversold; very oversold; incredibly oversold; ridicuously oversold; and finally there is EMC oversold.

    I find it hard to believe that EMC is deserving of falling 5.42% all based on the news that Oracle is offering a free trial of their virtualization software.

    Yes, I said free trial. Read their release- the initial download is free- but upgrades, service, and support will cost. So, its a free trial, little more.

    Beyond that stupidity, are all these sellers completely forgetting that EMC is making money, quite nicely thank you- not just through VMWare, but also their other businesses.

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    • No kidding. The conference call, that was not that long ago mind you, was all positive, even what they said about Q4. I think everyone was so worried the "too good to be true" EMC/VMW play was going to fall apart that it became self-fulfilling prophecy in this rocky market. When, yet again, they report good numbers for 4Q everyone will be trying to chase the train.

      Competition isn't a bad thing. It makes consumers more confident in buying new technologies and keeps companies from becoming complacent and non-innovative. In the end it will bring in fresh buyers that were holding out to see how everyone else made out with implementing virtualization. VMW will either keep being a leader or fall behind, but to make that speculization right now is defeatist.

    • longs have been saying that over the past 6 points. Tech out of favor, so expect EMC to go lower..The big boys are rotating their money so EMC will have much more downside. Doesn't matter what the value is of the's the way of the market..that's why you sell and then return when the money returns..that's what everyone else is doing :)

    • Well, after it bottoms ( digs a ctater ) load up on it if you like it so much !

      You are in cash aren't you ?

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