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  • venturadeb venturadeb Nov 30, 2007 4:09 PM Flag

    Proved my point

    I called out several "bashers" Today, asking for a reasonable arguement instead of Spewing hatred.
    I Got no responses!

    What, all of you too stupid to do anything but hate in the name of your elected officials?

    I am still waiting for just one response that has a reasonable arguement that isn't full of "I hate Bush", or "Bush Lied People Died", or "Bush is stupid".

    Come on, let me have a real arguement about the war, or Bush, and I will listen...

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    • These liberals are just a bunch of misinformed ignorant people who do not have respect for authority (i.e. their President) you cannot pick and choose to respect Bush or not if you say you respect the President because he is the President. He was not the only one to send the troops to war.

      You liberals are some of the sickest, twisted, negative asshole pea brains in this world. Like every other communist leader who had imploded his country you will do the same to your party.

      Your hate Bush campaign is so childish it's ridiculous. I have not seen one Bush hater who makes any sense. You people are so convinced by your own theories that you are disconnected from reality.

      The truth is you will never be happy with any President or yourselves if you do not change.

      Going to war has given Americans a person to blame for their misery and that person is George W. Bush.

    • Are you talking to me? You are exactly right, we are there now, of course you skew the remark with the classic, "Dems voted too" line, they didnt, they voted to give these fools the rights to do what they did, because nobody in their right mind thought they would do what they did. It had never been done before and they were taken by Cheney, I'll give you that. As for what to do, why do I have to figure out what to do? I was the guy telling people "this is absurd, we have never preemptiviely attacked a country", as I watched Dumbya tell me that we were attacking Bagdhad tonight. Im not sure why I am supposed to figure out how we get out of this mess. Shouldnt be there plain and simple, but if you need an answer, listen to Joe Biden, split the pie, give everyone oil, and keep a small force there to keep the lid on. There ya got me to give you an answer you freakin war hawk!

    • Please don't feed the bashers. It only encourages them. Better to simply put them on ignore. Let's stay on-topic with EMC.

    • Their is no argument.......It is just sad.......What we have been put into by this monkey...........Their is no answer.........Just prayer that something happens before more people die from this senseless action..........We have no ability to fix it............Just pain...........

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      • "Their is no answer.........Just prayer that something happens before more people die from this senseless action.........."

        Prayer (religious fundamentalism) is what got us in this war. Fortunately, no more New York buildings have fallen since we started...that ain't senseless action, that's productive action.

      • ok,
        What about the fact that the action in Iraq and Afghanistan were voted on by a majority of both houses of congress? Lest you forget (I guess you did), After 9/11 people were screaming for action.

        I don't want to hear conspiracy theories, I know he has made some mistakes, and I know about the WMD's.

        The fact is, we are there now, what do we do next?

        This is not Bush's war, it is the American peoples war. We need to own up to it, and make sensible decisions going forward. Screaming hate at the president doens't help...

      • You're right there is no argument. The proof is there. Deny the truth and you deny sanity like some of these crazy conservatives. How about that Larry Craig? He is one delusional person though.

    • Well go ahead big mouth, I was too busy covering your stinking stock the last hour. Where would you like to start. You picked a loser of a stock, you want to talk about the loser of a Prez. you picked now?

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      • I sold several weeks ago. Still watching, because I am considering getting back in. Still waiting...

        Ok, now, why is Bush a loser? The people elected him (twice), are they all losers too?

        And, while I don't agree with him on several points, I don't think he deserves to be called a monkey by public personalities. come on, that is not right, and any reasonable person knows it...

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