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  • a38b19 a38b19 Jan 9, 2008 11:54 AM Flag

    What's with the personal attacks ?

    What's with that ?

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    • I CANNOT believe that a38b19, our "little darling" spammer, is asking for sympathy today, lol.

      Sorry a38b19, life truly is unfair to you. I'm logged in now, so you're on ignore.


    • It is ok though when you make your little comments on how we are doing a bad jb by buying a stock. This market sucks, but I think alot of people who have been in the market along time have gotten bit by this down turn. And the only thing you can do is try to make people feel bad for owning a very good company in EMC.

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      • I have benn in and out of EMC for several years starting in '91. Sure people get bit in a bad market and some make money in a bad market, but with any investment there is an element of risk. Some people figure that just by investing in a company that they should be guarenteed a positive return, and maybe back in '91 I may have felt the same way, but that was back then. I have since learned that I CANNOT CONTROL THE MARKETS! I take what the market gives me and for the most part I recognize that when the market goes down I AM NOT BIG ENOUGH TO STOP IT! I put in stops and I am automatically dropped out to a zero position when those numbers are hit or shortly there after. Investors are only losers when they watch the market go down and do nothing about it. Oh! they cry and blame others, call everyone liars, but fail to realize that what they do changes nothing.
        When investors quit geting greedy, set goals and take the sell decision and let the markets dictate they will be better off. Tricky is when to get back in and at what price. That skill is a learned skill and know what to look for and takes a lot of practice, and then it is not 100%.
        When the numbers or trends you are looking for get out and reevaluate your strategy, after all the loss is not much and you don't have to start over.


      • Hose,
        Show me a post where I've made a " personal " attack on anyone !

        Show it to me !!

        Are we not allowed to post , posts in disagreement with the PUMPERS ?

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