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  • hosedraggers hosedraggers Jan 17, 2008 1:22 PM Flag

    So, tell me honestly people..........

    I hear you...... I am getting ready to retire and wondering if I could expect to be able to use that to make a steady stream of income. So tell me.........How are the Packers going to do this weekend? Will you bet on that game?

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    • You said that you were going to retire soon....what ever that I will ask you if you do not mind what steps you have taken oinsure that you have a steady flow of income and what your expected return would be.
      I am assuming that you have a fire pension and possibly a soc sec. pension and that if you are married that your wife will receive at least 1/2 of what you get from Soc. Security.

      The reason I am asking is that my sister is also getting ready to retire and I have worked with her to set up a retirement stream outside of what she gets from Soc. sec. so that on the month that she retires in that there is a check coming in from her investments to supplement her retirement.
      She is waiting for 65 to show up befor taking it because I guess Iiscared her when she found out that my insurance which is nt subsidised by any company cost me about 1200 a month. It has taken us a year to get to this stage and I believe everyone is different but am more curious than anything.

      If you would prefer not to discuss it I also understand, but I am willing to exchange information on what I know.


    • I'm not much of a gambler besides the stock market of course. I really hope the Packers win though. As much heart and soul that Brett F has put into the game, I would love to see him get a Super bowl win this year. We all know he won't/shouldn't be around for much longer, and he has always been a better role model for kids and athletes than most NFL players nowadays are, so I think he deserves it. I really think they will push past the Giants, but the Pats...

      Well, anyways, good luck with the markets over the next couple of weeks...

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