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  • whitershadeofpale6 whitershadeofpale6 Jun 13, 2008 12:31 PM Flag

    Retire 12 years early, buy EMC now!!!!

    I did!!!!!!!!!! No more stupid bosses or
    politics in the office. No watching people
    suck up. I hated that the most.

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    • go fck yourself you sorry sack of monkeysht.

    • Congratulations Sir!

      I am 35 and I really hope that some day I can say that I am retired with 7 or 8 figures at your fine young age. Keep kicking ass man! Tim was a good guy. He was one of only a few people in TV or in printed journalism that just played it straight. He never picked a side and just shot straight. I am praying for his family. I read his book and all of his writings. He really had it straight and retired or not I hope that I can take on a fair view of everything as he did. Hey EMC is a good thing.


    • >great another ass clown....<

      Yeah, you must be contagious.

    • great another ass clown......

    • I'm glad for anyone who succeeds here and am not offended by whiter's enthusiasm. It is encouraging actually.

      All the best, and don't overlook your annual medical check-ups so you can fully enjoy your financial blessings.


    • Well we already know that I can do the math!
      The real question is CAN YOU?

      For what's its worth you seem to be hesitent when it comes to the answer and even went so far as letting me help provide the answer. Sorry Pal that is one for you! NO HELP for the mentally challenged, you will be far ahead in your life by doing it yourself.

      1 million,,,wow took me 5 years to make 1 million. That's taxes paid money. That's how fast it adds up if #1 you are willing to accept some risk. Many out here think its the shorts that win. Me I invest long term but if a stock treats me badley I go somewhere else
      I don't sit here all day and night bad mouthing any positive investor or negative investor, U go somewhere else. EMC has treated me pretty good. I have no complaints.


    • I'm not bragging about anything. I'm just tickled pink to not to have work, yet be to live the life I am very comfortable with. It's the american dream to me, to retire at 53 with no desire to work again. Thirty years of working was more than enough for me. Sadly, Tim Russert will never get to enjoy this. My opinion, you really can't be sure what life can bring in the 60's. I hope to live to 100 and beyond, but you never know.

    • And the lowest 7 figures # is only $1,000.000 which I'm sure is the figure he's closer to.

      People that are proud of having 7 figures usually have barely over a million.

      Do the same math on that dave(looks like you can do simple math). Like I said, not a lot money. And nothing to be bragging about.

    • Let us see:

      9.999.999. Max amount of 7 figures

      Top 1% of people in the US

      Puts him ahead of you most likely
      and gives him an annual income of at least
      $500,000 at 5 % interest

      Not a small piece of change.


    • Guess 7 figures is a lot of money to you, huh dave.

      I never said he doesn't have 7 figures, all I said is bragging about have 7 figures shows how clueless he is, because it's not a lot of money.

      And even more what a psycho and loser you are.

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