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  • notsosimple11 notsosimple11 Aug 6, 2008 3:48 PM Flag

    We thank you!

    America and all of us in my family wants to thank you for your purchase of 1 semester of college for my grand kids. We surely do appreciate your generosity and look forward to the 2nd semester real soon.



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    • simpy, not to bash you or anything, but it's messages like these that make even sensible people on this board bash you. I wish you would tone it down alittle.


      Kevinrossu2 you still are a butt head regardless.


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      • If I was concerned what many think Than I would not post at all.
        There are many out here who would bash me anyway so this is my way of returning that favor.

        They do not like it than they can use the ignore feature. The post is my way of telling the rest that there is a positive side to smart investing and while they want to tear down EMC and call it a POS, I in fact make money on EMC, Maybe not everyday as they would like you to think, but that is just part of the propaganda that they spread, lies, misinformation and character assaaination. They get totally out of shape when someone has a positive story to post and immediately attack even if it is someone who has not posted before. They follow up those stories with alias accusations, poser look-alikes as well as very personnel family attacks, and feel very offended when the return message takes them to task. Smart successe's and positive investing stories are just as importent as the POS stories that are posted. There are many stories that are far worse than mine. They are more concerned about what I say about them than what I believe they say about me. They would prefer that I leave, and many bash posts are geared to try and make that happen. That is WHY I OWN THEM. They may not think so, and say they don't, but the many posts towards me indicates differently both in accusations about what I do, when I post, and how many alias names I supposedly use, the number of times I post, and the list goes on and on. Because of what I know I have been accused of even being an insider! Funny on the face of it as well and that is why I own them. BAshing, intimidation, threats all part of their game to prevent the positive side that exists about EMC from emerging. That is exactly why they fear what I post. They do not have to fear what I post but when its positive they FEAR ME THE MOST. They can use ignore, they can shut up, they can not read my posts, they can not respond to my posts, they can not invest in EMC. Many things they can do but they pick on the positive players and hope through intimidation, threats and bashing that those posters will leave.
        I will leave when I want to not before. I encourage anyone with a positive story to post their story or someone who has some information to share be it positive or negative to share it. Links help to give a crediable source to any posting, otherwise it should be considered an opinion. My story is just as importent as the stories calling EMC a POS, or some other derogeratory name. The names change nothing, but they only do it because the source is confidential. Some may think that calling EMC a POS is a worthwhile story. Do you really think so? It may be that the poster who posted that message is the POS as he/she is a poor investor.
        Censorship is what they want because they dislike the message. Is that what one wants just because they FEAR the message?

        It makes no difference to me the stories are laughable but you need to understand the mentality of some who actually believe their bash stories actually make a difference. Maybe to about 1% of those who actually invest in EMC, the rest is a Fantasy in their minds.

        Aloha - this bugs them as well since my winter home is in Hawaii.
        They also got upset about my Summer home in Michigan.

        LMAO, LMAO, LMAO -- this bothers them also as they use to get really upset about it,they found out that I did not care what they thought!

        So you see it makes no difference what I post. I own them and verbel attacks do not hurt or change zero.

        LMAO, LMAO, LMAO

    • AssWipe.

    • Dickweed....

    • ass clown

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