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  • satan_dollars satan_dollars Mar 6, 2009 11:22 AM Flag

    Pacific Resort Word of the Day

    Satan here...


    simpy, a querulous poster, often interrupted himself with complaints that were not relevant to the topics being discussed.

    Also, look for the penthouse at simp's $4B South Pacific resort to be named the Querulous Suite.

    You know you want to stay there.

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    • Strange statement as I told you that you would have to furnish your own updates, because you will anyway. This way you have to guess at who I am.....BTW: a name you will know


      what is wrong with your buddy zeltxe, he quit posting. Is what happens when I kick some of you around, you become fearful of me.

      Ph well his issue...goodbye will not be missed!
      LMAo, LMAO, LMAO



      Say simp, how's your hopkinton commute going tonight?

    • Satan here...

      Congratulations on securing the $3B+ financing for your Pacific resort.

      We look forward to many more updates on this exciting project.


    • One should be proud of one's successe's.
      Something that I am quite proud of. Do I detect a hint of Jealous rage in your tone or is it being pissed about people who have found ways to improve their life.

      What is sounds more like is an attempt to change the subject. You see that is why you and your kind (whatever that is) are so involved in the negative aspects of life that you fail to take advantage of the opportunities. Rather then moving on you prefer to pout and sulk in a corner and blame others. TAke pot shots at success instead of embracing the opportunities that exist. BTW you do not know how much money was raised for this project so don't try to insinuate that you do.

      Still stupid after all these years.

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