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  • boar292hog boar292hog Aug 17, 2010 10:57 PM Flag


    Interesting notion. With CHINA pounding down doors left and right economically ( so far, thank god ) the future looks rather scarey. CHINA is going to want THEIR OWN everything, including tech.
    I would suggest the US will see consolidation in several business sectors (if not all) that have international exposure.
    From this angle, someone buying EMC/VMW looks like a pretty smart thing to do! I mean if one thinks the economy will recover than EMC/VMW is cheaper today than it will be in 3 years!
    Heres what I think happens to the tech sector. A consortium of tech should buy EMC/VMW and take them off the street. This consortium likely becomes one over time anyways, afterall, if we want to compete and sell in China's markets we're going to have to be cheaper or better and cheaper will never happen so guess what!? LOL!
    China has wised up, they can now fight the West via economics and if that fails, they have a military machine growing and waiting to be tested, sadly.
    American landscape will change, we will have fewer, but much larger of everything when it comes to corporations.

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    • It is always thought that EMC would be the one bought out, maybe so.
      There is at least one poster on this board who predicted a buyout
      by the end of 2009 and a PPS of $22. Did not happen! While it is
      always difficult to predict the future when it comes to stock price
      or a buyout, there are still many options open including the
      possibly that in any large buyout that EMC may be the buyer instead
      of the seller. Some may remember that EMC took out Data General
      and that many of the current products in EMC's stable of products
      had their beginning in the Data General arena.
      Some who post here will immediately claim that I am again wrong on
      this idea if it does not happen, because that is the way they are.
      Their inability to even think outside the box is probably why
      they are failing to succeed. I sense that there will be further
      consolidation in the data storage area and that EMC will be a
      partner in that consolidation.
      They cannot see different alternatives that are possible, while
      they are the first to point the finger if it does not. A good
      move by EMC would be to take out NTAP. Their products would fit
      very well into EMC.

      They will eventually get their wish about Tucci leaving, but that
      will be Tucci's decision. The succession of the next CEO has
      already been determined and the position will be filled by someone
      from within the organization, unless something drastic happens
      between now and that time.

      Have a great day tomorrow!


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