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  • jeepcreep111 jeepcreep111 Mar 24, 2012 2:35 PM Flag

    Wall St. Shysters Piling on Powerhouse Oracle

    I have never seen such a concerted effort to take a well-performing stock down as I have seen this week. Orcl destroyed earnings estimates yet there is no shortage of Wall St. hucksters starting with that TV baffoon and continuing throughout the internet blabber-mouth investment community trying to paint ORCL as a has-been dinosaur. Supposedly SaaS, cloud companies are killing ORCL despite none of them have any earnings. Well, as proliferation of the internet has proven, any joker with a laptop can open a website and start selling everything from dog food to douche bags. None of these narrowly focused saas companies can compete with ORCL's broad product line. Once ORCL integrates its recent purchases of cloud companies, its entire product line will be available on the net as a suite or as an a la carte service.
    I am not bashing Salesforce, RightNow, etc. I own several of them, but their long term future will be acquisition by larger, broad based software companies. ( IBM,SAP,etc.)
    Few companies demonstrate Orcl's perennial strength and reliable profitability. While ORCL is doing very well now, I believe once its cloud is up and operating it will ascend to a market dominating position much like AAPL. And one more thought - Warren Buffet has many billion of dollars sitting on the sidelines burning a hole in his pocket. I think ORCL, along with EMC, are two prospects that would fit his buyout-candidate profile of ever profitable, wide moat, market dominating companies, although low or no dividend policy of each might sour Buffet.
    Never the less, the suspicious unity of the Wall St. jackwads bashing this stock is ominous - me thinks they protest to loudly. This wouldn't be the first time this crowd collaborated for their own greedy purpose. These pigs want it all !!!!!!

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