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  • chicagoormichigan chicagoormichigan Oct 17, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    My CF just RAISED MY Divy payment by 150% or 60 cents a SHARE!!! Chhhaaa-Chiiing!

    I win!

    BTW: That Divy payment, alone, will no be worth OVER $20K?

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    • But Chicago who are you trying to FOOL, maybe only yourself as YOU DON'T OWN ANY DIVIDEND STOCKS!

      You have stated several times that DIVIDEND STOCKS SUCK!
      Plus we have this statement you posted

      LMAO! Cramer JUST TRASHED Dividend Paying STOCKS!!! As usual, Mikey BEHIND the EIGHT ball!
      by chicagoormichigan111 • Jun 19, 2013 6:13 PM

      Cramer says "Dividend Payers No Longer King"!!! And I'm JUST LMFAO!!!!! He said REIT's SUCK, too! So Cramer PRETTY much TRASHED Mikey/Bill's WHOLE PORTFOLIO!!!!!

      I'll be LMAO ALL NIGHT LONG over this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You are very typical of a loser who manipulates the messages to make it look like you are a better investor..

      I do not believe you can have it BOTH WAYS...time for you to grow up and maybe even grow a pair.

      • 2 Replies to rolling_stone1211
      • SO it is with great interest that Chicago has decided that all of a sudden he is a dividend investor. Is this another indication that he has started the process of recognizing that dividend growth investing is worthy of his investments. I love the way he boasted the $1.00 dividend as I went to look at his full message. While I doubt very seriously that he holds such a security, if he does GOOD for him! I wonder if he would be interested in the amount of shares I have in CF Industries? Probably not since he only believes what he wants to believe. But I do have a small stake but only have held on because of the growth! Looking to very seriously into selling it but was waiting to get a better feeling of the markets. Not really a good investment for the money involved and the growth is not reflective of the type of growth it should have. Better investments that provide a better return, but if he likes it I am not one to blast it, after all it is his money and he can do with it as he sees fit. I see the responses were already reviewed since the thumbs down indicate it was......I personally think it is funny., but is a typical move from his group of idiots.

      • I don't know who you are? Are you of the ID's I created to fool the board or to read posts while I was pretending to ignore the messages?

        Anyway, even I know Chicago didn't buy these stocks as Divy plays? Heck, CF only paid a 2% divy, before today, so buying CF as a Divy play isn't very logical, even if you ARE one of my ID's.

        I'm so dumb I even amaze myself sometimes. I have to get control of all these damn ID's....


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