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  • r.gray44 r.gray44 Mar 11, 2014 9:58 PM Flag

    Open letter to dividendbill

    First of all I hope that I do not fall into your ignore group and I have a chance to ask you a couple of questions. While I am a new poster to any message board I have witnessed this minor feud that you have with some others, but cannot decide if either side is blowing smoke for whatever reason. I also know that there are times when the Chicago group will claim superiority or success as they call it concerning stock picks, and to their credit some of that may be true. They tend to start losing credibility when they supposedly throw out stocks that they say you own, but by your own words you stated a long time ago that those stocks are no longer owned and posted that information on the message board, yet when they seem to be losing traction it's the first thing they bring up. You have added credibility to those statements through the use of "trailing stops," and to your credit the opposing side never mentioned them until you did, and some of their messages indicated no knowledge of those techniques. But besides that the opposing group has cited claims of stock picks before the event, and while you claim some success, it is only in rare cases that I actually see you do that. Is there a reason for that? I am really not part of their little group, so I hope that you can be truthful and maybe explain such actions. I decided not to send an open letter to Chicagoormichigan for a variety of reasons, the first being his apparent use of selective ID's to add credibility to the postings. I am also certain that me bringing it up will create several messages to condemn what I have posted, but at least for me it is obvious and he has even indicated on this board his creation of several ID's to break through your ignore program. That is something I would also like to know how you go about it. While I am willing to give someone the benefit of doubt, I am only seeking answers. Why does it appear that the Chicago group seem to be more successful than you?

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    • R. Gray
      First of all thanks for inquiry about where I stand and why the "feud" as you call it exists. To answer your questions about the ignore program. These are simple answers really and anyone with a little skill can implement it. My program is PC based and my PC both connects to the message boards if not connected and downloads any messages not currently read or ignored from the last hour. In this case it uses a 1 hr. time frame based upon my last log-in. The messages are run through a program to determine if to be read or ignored and if it meets certain parameters it is flagged as ignored. In simpler terms it reads every message. It than collects the number and posts it daily. In the case of the "Chicago group" certain words or ID's will trigger the ignore feature. The program has improved to a higher accuracy as the time from installation has passed by. The search parameters can be expanded if necessary and in your case I was able to read your message.
      Accuracy in posting stock picks! Picking stocks is easy and only one has to do is do the DD involved to find the right one. Contrary to what some will tell you not every pick is successful. But what is a successful pick. Well when I mention a pick (not all are mentioned) and it continues to achieve a new high, I would consider it to be successful. I do not rely on a minute by minute or day by day price but use trailing stops to always take me out when I get close to my cost basis. Thus never losing money on a stock, allows me to always immediately buy back in without penalty. Just another rule that some do not understand. Many who think they know my CB are misinformed, or guessing. But by the same token I could care less what they or anyone else thinks as I only have to please myself and my family. I do not short a stock and will lean towards dividend paying stocks. I do however have a reliable "source" for intelligence about certain segments of the markets.

      Have a Great day!

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      • dividendbill
        Thanks for the response. Clarity is sure a lot better than confusion and I hope that you have not decided to apply me to your ignore list. While I do not plan on posting a lot of messages, there will be from time to time that I want to ask a question and at least for the moment you appear to be the most honest about your position. You really did not have to even answer me, but you did seem sincere in your answer, and was really up front in telling me that you would not change whether I believed you or not.
        What you said about success rings true depending upon which type of investor you are. That goes a long way in how you measure success and I can see why some cannot measure it correctly. Oddly enough, I did not think about that in those terms, however it does make sense
        A most interesting sidelight to all this is one individual who out of the blue claimed I worked for them.
        While this didn't ring true I saw that it was one of the questionable ID's that roam the message boards.

        Thanks again!

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