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  • r.gray44 r.gray44 Mar 15, 2014 2:16 PM Flag

    Dividendbill please read

    I am totally shocked at the amount of hate and disgust thrown your way over such a trivial thing as investing. Not only investing but over such things as success or not. So what really is success anyway?
    Well the dictionary defines it as the following:
    A person or thing that has had success, as measured by attainment of goals, wealth, etc.:

    Based upon what I and those who speak out against you, we know you are successful. They know very little about you and only know a few stocks that you own. I feel sorry for their loved ones as a measure of one's hate and vicious attacks is a proven example about how they treat those people as their direction on a message board is a reflection of how others are treated..
    I have witnessed as well the level of stupidity associated with what they read and what they say. For instance your Motor-home, they believe that you drove it to Eastern Canada drove it to Toronto but flew from CA to Canada in 4 hours. These people actually need HELP. You were correct to ignore a bunch of DUMMIES. Please do not include me into that realm of stupidity.

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    • Well, I do not know what you expected! You however witnessed a spectacular example of what happens when you let investing control your emotional state. You are correct about individuals who act out their hostilities in written form usually also take it out on their loved ones. While they pretend to be defaming me in the name of truth, and justice; their own pattern suggests a different darker world that they live in. Some of us have decided to let them roam the backwoods of FEAR and solitude as they search for the answers. One cannot overcome those FEARS unless they confront them. They have chosen to hide behind that curtain of FEAR. This is all referenced with the use of look-alike ID's and degrading answers. Best if you do not communicate with them. BTW: since communicate is a long word they will have to reference a dictionary to discover the meaning.

    • Got. Thanks gray! Yes, I can understand their frustration, as I do post after the fact, and my past posts have had nothing but losing stock tips and fantasy trips, while they post in advance winning stocks and are able to travel to places that I will never be afford to go, as my broker has informed me that my paydays, while in my mind are quite extensive, it appears that I've lost a great deal of capital. Imagine that? Weird part is, that I post after the fact, so how dumb would I have to be to lose money?

      BTW: Do you have knee pads?

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