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  • GHPEORIA GHPEORIA Dec 21, 1999 5:49 PM Flag

    Sam-this CPA says 1/3/00 is

    virtually impossible. Auditors have to put their
    blessing on report. Expenses have to be accrued.
    Inventories verified and LIFO computed. Bonuses need to be
    computed. Way too many things to do without one business
    day to do them.

    In fact, 3rd week in Jan. is
    pushing it.


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    • Santa put this baby in my stocking five years ago, There is a Santa...
      Happy Holidays..

    • <EOM>

    • (Very) old news....

    • Glad we got that resolved. I know you admit your
      mistakes "quite regularly" ;-) as I've been here awhile
      but don't post regularly. Been a holder of EMC for
      along time and will maintain my shares for years to
      come. I learned long ago NEVER to sell this great

    • emc buying 10% accessible software or aswe on the pink sheets. website Accessible software doing business with EMC, Hitachi, Prudential,TIvoli, Ibm etc looks bigger

    • EMC in May (the 6th) because the price dropped
      below 100. I didn't say the split was announced, but I
      knew it was coming. So maybe it was purely on
      pre-split run up and not earnings.

      Don't get me
      wrong, I trust what you say, but I'm trying to recall
      from memory. So maybe it's finally hit, I've hit
      middle age and I'm losing my mind! I could have swore
      earnings were announced in May, but I guess I was wrong.
      But I knew the split was coming (June 1). I probably
      am confusing EMC with some of the other 15 or so
      stocks I bought and sold in 1999.

      If you've been
      here a while you'll see that I admit my mistakes quite
      regulary, so I'm not here trying to be some expert. I'm
      just Joe investor like everybody else.

      thing I didn't get wrong was buying EMC in the first
      place! I hope you don't get the impression that I've
      been trying to debate you or challenge you. I look at
      these boards as conversation. And as in most
      conversations that aren't small talk, points get discussed and
      clarified. I hope you stick around fro a while. We need more
      detail oriented, fact based contributors.


    • Those dates cam from EMC not from my memory. But,
      what I remember about the split was that it WAS NOT
      announced in conjuction with an earnings report because we
      needed to vote on it. Some cuts and pastes:


      02/25 - EMC Corporation Announces Two-For-One
      Stock Split


      04/20 - EMC Reports
      Revenue Up 36%, Net Income Up 51% in First Quarter


      07/21 - EMC Reports All-Time Record Revenue and
      Net Income for Second Quarter


      10/20 - EMC Reports All-Time Record Quarterly Revenue
      and Net Income

      Below is the URL for EMC's
      news releases for 1999. GO LOOK AT IT, becasue you
      don't trust what I've been

    • LI SHARK at 5:09PM. I was so taken by the
      impossible, that I didn't give it much thought.

      usually reports in the 2nd month of a quarter. I was
      suprised by the Jan 26th date I got several weeks ago.
      When I saw Jan. 3rd I almost hit the

      This year's January effect is supposed to be bigger
      than normal, because money is also being withheld due
      to Y2K fears.

      We could have between $15-$20
      billion coming into the stock market in


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