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  • yapravda yapravda Nov 14, 2000 1:54 AM Flag

    How Democrats Steal Elections READ THIS

    ELECTION 2000
    'How Democrats
    Veterans of hand recounts describe

    techniques used to change outcome

    The manual vote
    recounts being insisted on by Democratic operatives in
    Palm Beach County, Fla., have been used for over 20
    years to steal elections from Republicans, claim
    several GOP veterans of hand-recount election-upsets.

    According to Bob Haueter, chief of staff to the California
    Assembly Republican Caucus, and an expert on manual
    recounts, a Democrat lawyer intimately involved in
    "stealing" elections from Republicans through hand recounts
    admitted to the process and even shared the techniques

    After Tuesday's vote and an automatic
    recount still left GOP nominee George W. Bush ahead by a
    slim 288-vote margin, Palm Beach elections officials
    decided that a manual recount of all 425,000 votes should
    be undertaken.

    "What's happening in Florida
    is exactly the game plan laid out to me by an
    attorney who represented the Democrats in a recount in
    California where they stole a seat from us," former
    California Assemblyman Pat Nolan told WorldNetDaily.

    A staunch conservative legislator, Nolan served in
    the California Assembly from 1978 until 1994, when he
    was convicted, along with several other lawmakers, in
    a federal corruption probe. After spending a little
    over two years in federal prison, he emerged to become
    president of Justice Fellowship, the public policy arm of
    Watergate figure Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship
    Ministries. For the past four years, Nolan has worked with
    Colson -- another fallen-but-reformed public figure --
    to reform the criminal justice system.

    Regarding the 1980 California Assembly race between
    Republican Adrian Fondse and Democrat Pat Johnston, Nolan
    recalled that the Republican won "by about 54 votes or

    But after the election, Democrats
    "brought in their junkyard dog lawyers from around the
    country," said Nolan, "and basically harassed the local
    registrar -- got in their faces and demanded to handle
    ballots" -- which were of the same type now in dispute in
    Palm Beach.

    The same issue of "hanging chads
    -- the little squares in the punch cards -- was also
    an issue in Stockton," says Nolan. The Democrats'
    strategy, he says, was to handle them as often as possible
    -- perhaps bending, crinkling or otherwise altering
    them -- so that additional chads become displaced,
    thereby disqualifying the ballot.

    The result? In
    the Stockton election, Nolan said Democrats were
    successful in getting the vote count reversed from a plus-54
    win by Republicans to a minus-17 loss.

    vowed that I'd never let that happen again," Nolan
    said. "So I asked my staff to track down the lawyer
    that headed up the team for the Democrats."

    Haueter was, at that time, chief of staff for Nolan, and
    it was he who first contacted attorney Tim Downs,
    who readily admitted the Democratic strategy and even
    described the tactics to Nolan.


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    • >she is risking her entire political career.

      Seems to me that as a Republican, she is
      enhancing it.

      >She's an elected official, and if
      she stops all the votes from being counted, she's won
      her last election.

      That's ok.

      certain that she will accept a Presidential

      BTW, the Sec of State will be an appointed
      position in the future thanks to a recent change in the Fl
      Constitution. You didn't know that did you?

      >Not to
      fear, the law is on our side,

      Which law?

    • RE: >> That leaves only Palm Beach and they
      have until 2pm tomorrow to convince the Sec of State
      that they shouldn't be


      Sec of State Kate is being played for all she's worth
      by the Bush camp. It's down and dirty politics, and
      she's being told to hang in their and fight, cause Gov.
      Bush likes a fighter. Unfortunately, she's being used
      and doesn't realize she is risking her entire
      political career. She's an elected official, and if she
      stops all the votes from being counted, she's won her
      last election.

      Not to fear, the law is on our
      side, not to mention the votes.

      AND A THIEF! (all 3 of them)

    • >>the Sec of State that they shouldn't be ignored.

      Does that mean there is a chance that palm beach may "meet ignore"?

    • >BTW bright boy

      Useage of the term "boy" is way out of line. You have been reported

    • >inability to perceive events in an objective

      >The writing is on the wall, Gore wins.


      (you're soooo objective.. not)

      BTW bright
      boy, Dade has said they are stopping the

      That leaves only Palm Beach and they have until
      2pm tomorrow to convince the Sec of State that they
      shouldn't be ignored.


    • RE: >>As for the superfulous issues
      (illegal ballots, etc), that will all be forgotten once
      all the votes are counted on Friday and Gore is
      forced to concede.


      All I can say stu is you continually demonstrate your
      inability to perceive events in an objective light. It's as
      if your will can somehow overcome the inevitable.
      The writing is on the wall, Gore wins. I think your
      downhome, loyalist mentality has you thinking that if you
      actually consider both sides, you'll somehow jinx your
      cause, whatever it may be.

      For months people here
      told you WCOM was dead money and the stock was going
      nowhere but down. Instead of considering that input, you
      put up a brick wall of loyalty firmly believing in
      Bernie. I'll give you a gold star for loyalty, but for
      investing smarts D-.
      That sounds cruel, but Wall Street
      doesn't value anything but bottomline numbers.

      told you Clinton would never leave office prematurely
      during impeachment proceedings. Your Republican zeal
      came shining through (blocking out any objective
      thought), but again, you backed the losing side. Here we
      are again. You like Bush so much, you are actually
      willing to ignore the law (win at any cost). You're
      losing this case also.

    • Bravo! Well said.

    • RE: >>If the media was actually fair, both
      me and you would be complaining.


      Whether one thinks the media is fair is analagous to the
      definitions of Recession and Depression

      Recession is
      when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when
      you lose your job.

      If the media covers an
      event and you like what you hear, they are perceived as
      fair. If the media covers an event and you don't like
      what you're hearing they are slanted.

    • I am familiar with number of counties that use
      machines instead of paper ballots. That is why I said that
      Gore is estimated to be the winner after a statewide
      hand-review. My opinions are not based on who will win or
      lose. They're based on what I think is fair and

      For you to think the media has been fair should tell
      you something. If the media was actually fair, both
      me and you would be complaining.

    • I'd say recount the whole state . . . .

      What the Repub's aren't saying is,

      Most Repub
      counties use machines, not paper ballots so their won't be
      a lot of ERROR to correct.

      My point is, the
      Republican Sec of State Kate can't refuse to accept hand
      counts from counties she doesn't like.

      Democratic counties being hand counted represent the bulk of
      paper ballots in the state, and the only Butterfly
      ballots (illegal candidate list, Gore should have been
      second according to Florida State Law.)

      I think
      the media has been pretty balanced in objectivity.
      Many Bush supporters repeat the Republican battle cry
      of, "Liberal Media". Well if the media is liberal,
      why do half of this country's voters think Al Gore is
      a big spending, ole Democrat? Most people I know
      get their news from the local paper and the

      If the media was so damn liberal, DW'd be in hiding
      after all his old girlfriends were dug up, like in
      Clinton's case.

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